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Featured changelog 04-07-2018

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  • Increased shop buy prices by 3 times
  • Nerfed vote rewards (you now receive 2 iron ingots and 2 tokens instead of 3 and 5)
  • Changed some messages
  • Made the token count in the scoreboard round up to prevent long boards that fill half the screen (screenshot below to show what I mean)
  • Added the option to trade money with /trade
  • Wild mobs no longer stack, only spawner mobs do

  • Added the option to...

The Foxcraft Update

The Foxcraft Update Announcement

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The past month I have been working really hard on the Foxcraft game-modes.
There are a lot of changes and new features.
We are also glad to announce our new game-mode Towny!

The update will be released on: May 26th - 2PM GMT (Has been released now!)

Foxcraft will be whitelisted until we release our update....​

I'm back!

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Hi everyone!

For the people that do not know me. My name is Brady and I used to be the Manager of Foxcraft.
After a break I returned to Foxcraft as the Manager again.

There is a lot of stuff planned so be ready!

If you have any questions feel free to message me!


Prison Reset and Revamp!

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Hello Foxcrafters,

We have completely overhauled our prison server and also reset it in the proces!

Notable changes:
  • New map
  • New pvp area
  • More rentable cells
  • Blackmarket (rent a small space and sell items there using chest shops)
  • More ranks (A-Z)
  • Survival world (you can only get acces by leveling up to the free rank)
  • Upgrade-able furnaces!
  • /sell (for donators)

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