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Staff Applications

This page will go over everything that you need to know before applying to be a staff member.

Being a part of the staff team can be great, and it's an amazing way to help your favourite server. However, it's also a lot of responsibility and work. Your primary purpose as a staff member is as a monitor and guide for all players. This includes answering questions for players and making sure all the server rules are followed.

It is necessary that you meet these.

  •     You have to have been an active player for at least 2 months
  •     You must be at least 14 years of age. (Plus or minus a couple of months is fine)
  •     You must be mature, patient, and fair.
  •     You must be fluent in English with proper grammar and spelling. You are representing the server.
  •     You do not have many warnings
  •     You have a sufficient amount of useful postings

The requirements are important! If you don't reach them it's not too bad, but the application better be extraordinary, or it would be hard for us to justify giving you a staff position. Most importantly though, don't lie. This is more of a "mental checklist", so you do not have to explicitly include them in your application, but they are taken note of throughout your application. These are also not "suggestions" or "up for debate", so don't make suggestion threads regarding them.

Things to include in your application
Include this into your application body

  •     How long you have been playing on
  •     How often are you online for?
  •     Why you are right for the job as helper? How can you contribute to the staff team?
  •     Have you ever been banned/jailed/muted? Explain briefly, please.
  •     A little about yourself.

If you feel like you meet all the requirements and you want to give a little more to the server, feel free to send in your application by creating a ticket in the correct department. Any applicants that do not meet the mandatory requirements but still apply will be disallowed to ever apply again. Do NOT ask members of the staff team to review your application, They will be checked every once in a while. Asking for your application to be checked will have your application closed and declined. Remember to make your application for of a story format and NOT a Q&A. Meaning, don't copy and paste the questions and answer into your application.

We will be picking our staff members from the pool of applications. The staff also consider your in-game attitude in the application process. We also considered previous offences by the player, so if you have ever done anything wrong, it may work against you. Similarly, being friends with other staff members is definitely a brownie point. You may not receive a response to your application for a couple weeks in some cases, but that only means your application may be qualified, and you may be qualified to be a potential new staff member.

Was your application denied?, this can be due to a lot of factors, we do not get in depth as to why exactly we have denied your application. You are welcome to apply again after 1 month, just do not Copy Paste your latest application. And finally, please do not ask any staff members why your application was denied, you will not be answered.

If you have sent your application, do not send replies!

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