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Welcome to Foxcraft

Hello everyone!

Im stoked to announce that the One Block Skyblock gamemode is coming to Foxcraft!
I will also include some much needed spicy info regarding other gamemodes & projects further down the thread.

One Block Skyblock

We've been working on this mode for a while and it's entirely different then what you are used to on our normal Skyblock servers. Hence why this gamemode will be standalone on the webstore end. This is mostly because the One Block gamemode plays so differently. Below is explained why.

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(One Block Category will be LIVE Thursday)

NO McMMO, Spawners, Minions, Token Enchanting or /shop. Thats right, there is no /shop. All blocks can be obtained from the single block on your island, we've went with this road to provide a true one block experience. Items and blocks can be sold through chest shops or be put up for auction with /ah, another way to make money includes joining a job (or multiple if you have a rank). Completing various challenges like completing parkour will also earn you some money. Special shout out to the staff for the extensive feedback.

One Block will be rocking a brand new spawn from @Quorafied...
12 Jun
Staff Application Changes Potters
Hello everyone,

We’ve recently been reviewing how we handle the Staff Application process on Foxcraft. One thing we’ve considered, and discussed, is that we think it would be better if we moved to a “Staff Rounds” system. In short, this would mean that we would only allow you to post a Staff Application when we’re actively looking.
One of the main reasons for this change is to simply maximise the amount of recent (and therefore active) applications we receive when we’re looking. I personally feel that some applicants go to waste, as when they post, we’re at our maximum capacity and we wouldn’t have the space (or the people) to train, and welcome them appropriately. With this new system, this is no longer a problem.
So, what does this mean for current applications? Over the next few days, I’ll be looking over the applications and making final decisions on a per-applicant basis.

The next staff application round will begin on the 26th June, and run until the 10th July. You will have two weeks to make your application and formalise it before we close the applications, and review them.

Additionally, I've got some changes to the staff team to announce!
  • MrPumpkin1: Helper -> Moderator
  • Lanuginoso: Helper -> Moderator
Congratulations guys, it's much deserved!

Thanks for reading,

03 Jun
Pending kitpvp update & reset cloakfox
Hello everyone!

Most of you have noticed that our kitpvp gamemode has been down for quite a while now. Initially some of the plugins coded by a previous developer completely broke down, breaking the kitpvp gamemode in a state that it was unplayable and it has been in maintenance ever since.

The plan was to recode the plugins and turn it back on again. But some users requested that it could use a proper update as well, so I took the opportunity to add a few updates and reset everything (except for ranks of course).

New spawn + map
An entire new KitPvP map & spawn have been build by @zZer0_ pls say thanks from me :)

players who participated in the event have been able to preview the map already!

Other changes
  • Battlepass with daily and weekly challenges
  • New kits (Chicken nugget kit & Ghost kit) + easy opportunity to add more custom kits in the future!
  • Meta changes to gameplay
  • More block rewards (common, rare, epic, legendary)
  • Added coinflips, rps & jackpots
  • Plugins recoded from ground up
  • Revamped crates & rewards
  • Third partying has been made harder
  • Envoy events + envoy flares
  • Unlock over 185+ cosmetics through grinding the new kitpvp
When is kitpvp releasing?
Kitpvp will open in private beta Friday 8PM CET (for foxking/foxqueen & staff ranked players)...
28 May
Staff Event Potters
Hello everyone,

I'm happy to announce that on Sunday 31st May, we'll be holding a Staff vs. Players Event! We will be holding this at 8PM CET, and it will run for approximately 30 minutes, to 1 hour. This will be a PvP-focused event which can be accessed through /event or the Server Selector GUI in the lobbies. The server will be up and running from 7PM CET, allowing you to be some of the first on the server waiting for it to start.

Additionally, today I'm happy to announce that we have some new Staff Promotions on the server!
  1. Shafiqo (Senior Moderator -> Administrator)
  2. SilverFawkes (Moderator -> Senior Moderator)
  3. AbooseTime (Helper -> Moderator)
Congratulations guys, you deserve it!

Some of you guys have recently been asking about myself, so I'll quickly introduce myself. I've been working as a Developer with cloakfox for a while, and have recently moved into Community Management. I'm currently 18 and from Ireland, and for the eagle eyed, you can find a post I made on the forums a few years ago introducing myself too, but I've changed quite a lot since then! I'm excited to get to know the community more, and engage with them as much as I can.

Thanks for reading (and see you on Sunday!),

24 Apr
Skyblock reset + rebrand cloakfox

Hello everyone!

I've been working on this for a long time now, but I am happy to announce that there is a new skyblock coming to Foxcraft that will replace the current Skyblock Vulcan. Skyblock Glacier has been rebranded to skyblock classic and will not reset nor are there plans for that in the near future.

New custom skyblock spawn made by @QuoraCII

Whats new and or changed?
  • Upgrade-able minions
  • 10 custom player made islands
  • 1.15.2
  • New pvp area (intergrated into spawn) (1.8 pvp)
  • Ores will now only spawn in cobblestone generators if you have rabbit rank. Players without that rank can get ores at /warp mine
  • Recoded gamble games (cf, rps, jackpot) without exploits
  • New parkour
  • New revamped crates with all new rewards
  • Improved scoreboard (that shows correctly on any version)
  • Improved help menu
  • Players can change biome on their islands now
  • Players can now toggle team chat with island members
  • Daily rewards
  • Better pinata rewards
  • FoxGod & FoxGoddess kits
Currently the skyblock server is in closed beta and only staff can check out the server early, later this week on Wednesday (April 29) the server will also be open to players with FoxGod and FoxGoddess ranks. This is purely for giving feedback and reporting bugs...

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