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13 Sep
Kingdoms 1.17 Reset & Updates cloakfox

Hello everyone!

I am exited to share with you the details and date/timezone of our upcoming Kingdoms reset. This new Kingdoms release will run on the latest version of Minecraft (1.17.1) and features our own in-house developed Kingdoms plugin that we have been working on since April-May this year. Pvp will still be based on the 1.8 version of Minecraft for this release.

New to kingdoms?
Kingdoms is a gamemode similar to the factions gamemode in which players (you) try and take over claims of other factions. Kingdoms is less oriented on griefing & raiding and instead focusses more on taking over land by fighting with pvp combat & defense systems. In order to successfully take over a claim the player must invade & beat the kingdom champion (upgrade-able boss) within the time limit. In the meanwhile all online kingdom members of both kingdoms in the conflict get a notification and are prompted to help and fight. Our kingdoms gamemode also offers some roleplay elements like kingdom jails & being able to start a neutral kingdom, choosing if you are a king or a queen of your kingdom & more.

Release date and time:

Kingdoms 1.17 releases this Friday @ 6:30 PM CEST
17-09-2021 @ 18:30 PM CEST (metric date)

(paste "18:30 PM CEST" in google search & it will automatically display the local time for you)...
05 Jul
Survival 1.17 Release cloakfox

Hello Foxcraft community!

I am stoked to announce that we will be releasing a new survival server with a fresh world that runs on the latest Minecraft version 1.17, this new survival server will also receive the 1.18 update in the future when 1.18 get's released.

This new survival server will technically replace the old survival server, the old survival will still be playable through something we have called "The Archive" in the server selector. Both the current (old) survival & old skyblock glacier server will appear in The Archive over the course of this week. Both servers will get renamed to "Old Survival" and "Old Skyblock" respectively.

Notable changes:
  • New spawn build by @Orange_AB <3
  • Fresh unexplored world (with a temporary world border of 10.000 x 10.000 blocks) (world border get's lifted with 1.18 update)
  • Introduction of minions
  • Removed tokens & token enchants
  • More balanced economy (shop buy prices are very high whilst shop sell prices are low)
  • Revamped help menu
  • Fixed long lasting bugs that where present on old survival (like anvil issues, issues with some spawners)
  • Rabbit rank & up will have their afk status displayed next to their name on tablist
  • Updated crate rewards
  • Mob farm at spawn
  • Slightly updated starter kit
  • Fishing is more interesting...
10 May
Red VS Blue PvP event [1.8 PVP] cloakfox

Hello everyone!

I am happy to announce our first official "Red VS Blue" pvp event that will be hosted this Friday on 14-05-2021 @ 7PM CEST and will most likely run till 8PM CEST (maybe a little longer if the matches are still decent)

What is Red VS Blue?
Red VS Blue is an arena pvp style event where 2 (large) teams fight against each other until the tickets of a team run out. Each team starts with a X amount of tickets and each kill will take 1 ticket from the enemy team. The goal is to deplete the tickets of the enemy team and take the W.

Players are able to pre-select their kit in the lobby before a match starts and can change kits anytime during the match. Teams are randomized each match to ensure all participants have the same chances of winning a match. AFK players are automatically kicked to the lobby and teams are actively auto balanced during the match to prevent unbalanced teams from ruining the games.

During the match you will be able to purchase certain buffs like jump/speed boosts with score, you receive score for getting an assist or for getting a kill!

The event server runs on Minecraft 1.8 so the PVP will also be like how it normally is on 1.8

TIP: Team work makes a dream work ;)

  • Classic (each team starts with x tickets and fights till the tickets of a team have been...
09 Apr
Oneblock Vulcan Addition cloakfox

Hello Foxcraft community!

I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying their time on our server or in the community in general.

Today I am happy to announce that we will be adding an extra oneblock server to our network called "Oneblock Vulcan". This new oneblock server will offer the same core features as the current oneblock setup we have. There are a few key differences on oneblock Vulcan such as vanilla enchantments and hard difficulty instead of normal.

The current (older) oneblock server will get renamed to Oneblock Glacier. As some have already noticed the pvp area has already received an update to better match the name of the server earlier this week.

Oneblock ranks will work on both oneblock servers. Crate keys, minions and other stuff will get send to both oneblock servers. (this does not work retroactively, on old purchases)

Oneblock Vulcan is set to release on 16-04-2021 @ 6PM CEST

Hope to see you at launch!
Hello everyone!

I hope you guys are all staying safe, and I'm wishing you all good health this new year. Playing Minecraft should help with that :cool:

It's been a while since I've posted any announcement, but I'm back. I've been really busy with behind the scenes stuff like: improving infrastructure, working on better performance on all of our gamemodes, fixing bugs and adding a suggestion from time to time.

Our network has been running on a region based load balancer since December, and as a result of that we've been able to provide our EU based players with an even lower ping on our Oneblock and Kingdoms gamemodes. NA based players will notice no difference in ping.

We also have have switched from a slow and tedious friends/party system to a brand new friends system with a better API that allows us to better integrate parties in other gamemodes in the near future.

Now enough about the boring stuff that nobody barely notices. Let's talk about the Parkour Build Event!

I'm happy to announce a new build event hosted on our Creative gamemode. The goal for the event is to create a fully functional parkour with a start, checkpoints and a finish. You can only create the parkour on your own plot.

The event submission requirements are as following:
  • Parkour must have at least 3 checkpoints
  • Must have working /wwarp near parkour (Player warp)...

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