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by iBrady at 12:58 PM
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Support Tickets & Staff Applications!

Some of you may have noticed but we are now using 'Support Tickets'. You can find the Support Tickets in the navigation bar.

What are Support Tickets?
Support Tickets are just the same as they were on the Forums section. But, this will be stored in the same spot, categorized, easier to manage and faster handling time.

Staff Applications
There is a Staff Application category on the Support Tickets page, this is the place where you can apply for helper. Do not forget to read everything (here) before sending an apply.

Also Staff Applications are from now on permanently open. Good luck with your application!

You can click here to redirect to the Support Tickets page.

by iBrady at 8:46 PM
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Hello everyone!

We are glad to introduce our updated KitPvP server. This server supports 1.7 and higher!

You can join KitPvP with /kitpvp

Notable changes:
  • A beautiful, new map
  • New kits
  • Added Playervaults
  • Scoreboard, chat and tablist changes
  • Added an In-game shop (/warp shop)
  • Added Vote crate
  • Added Money bags (available here)
  • Added bounties (/bounty)
  • Added levels back
  • Added level rewards back
  • And many more!

Me and @cloakfox would like to thank @Avatarking_, @Snaz_ and @Tqzz for building this beautiful new KitPvP map!

More updates are coming soon!

by iBrady at 10:27 PM
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I would like to announce a major update!

We are glad to introduce our new Hub. We have also added a whole new Friends system (due to this new system you have to add all of your friends again:() We will also be slowly adding 1.7 support on all of our servers. You can currently use 1.7 on the Survival, Creative, Kingdoms gamemodes and ofcourse the new hubs!

Me and @cloakfox would like to thank @Avatarking_, @Snaz_, @Ronster_ and @Tqzz for building this new Hub!

More updates are coming soon!

Get an impression of our new Hub by checking out the screenshots below.

[​IMG] [​IMG]

by iBrady at 9:51 PM
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Hello everyone!

I would like to introduce the new store.
There is a new store design which should make it a lot easy to navigate.

You can visit the store at