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24 Apr
Skyblock reset + rebrand cloakfox

Hello everyone!

I've been working on this for a long time now, but I am happy to announce that there is a new skyblock coming to Foxcraft that will replace the current Skyblock Vulcan. Skyblock Glacier has been rebranded to skyblock classic and will not reset nor are there plans for that in the near future.

New custom skyblock spawn made by @QuoraCII

Whats new and or changed?
  • Upgrade-able minions
  • 10 custom player made islands
  • 1.15.2
  • New pvp area (intergrated into spawn) (1.8 pvp)
  • Ores will now only spawn in cobblestone generators if you have rabbit rank. Players without that rank can get ores at /warp mine
  • Recoded gamble games (cf, rps, jackpot) without exploits
  • New parkour
  • New revamped crates with all new rewards
  • Improved scoreboard (that shows correctly on any version)
  • Improved help menu
  • Players can change biome on their islands now
  • Players can now toggle team chat with island members
  • Daily rewards
  • Better pinata rewards
  • FoxGod & FoxGoddess kits
Currently the skyblock server is in closed beta and only staff can check out the server early, later this week on Wednesday (April 29) the server will also be open to players with FoxGod and FoxGoddess ranks. This is purely for giving feedback and reporting bugs...
Hello everyone!

This is just a small update in regards to our punishments and the way we handle appeals. The reason for this update is because myself and the staff team felt that getting unbanned/unmuted was to easy, and made it more tempting for players to break rules.

We will no longer unban/unmute players with a permanent ban/mute, instead when the appeal is accepted the ban or mute will be reduced from a permanent ban to a temporary 1 month ban/unmute that the player will have to wait out. The rules for when an appeal is denied have stayed the same.

Unban fee's and unmute fee's have also changed. You will now only be able to buy 1 unban and 1 unmute fee once every 6 months
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These changes will hopefully result in a more friendly game experience on our server and prevent players from breaking rules over and over.

Now some of you might not already know but recently @Justinc2522 has stepped down from his role as community manager. Im happy to inform that I will be taking over the role for now. This means I will also be looking at helper applications soon :eek:

Last but not least, I heard some random easter bunny has been hiding painted eggs around in the hub, and I got told that players that find all the eggs get free /fly in the hub (for those that can't seem to beat the...
16 Mar
Prison update cloakfox
View attachment 6444

Hello everyone!

It's officially out now, the prison gamemode on Foxcraft is resetting and will receive some updates.

Some changes are shown below, and the note-able ones will be further explained in this announcement post.
  • Prison will be running on Minecraft 1.15.2 (currently the latest minecraft version)
  • Economy changes
  • Many random bug fixes (due to updating all custom/public plugins to their respective latest versions)
  • Revamped help menu's
  • Revamped crate names and rewards
  • Revamped pvp area
  • Revamped some parts of the current prison map
  • Changed rank names from Donator, VIP and Deluxe to Inmate, Guard and Warden
  • Purchases on the store will now be instantly delivered ingame
  • Changed layout of tab list
  • New parkour
  • Referral rewards
  • Fresh start (prison will reset, you will not lose paid ranks)
  • New minions that can be upgraded
  • New prestige-ing rewards
  • Daily rewards
  • Custom gambling minigames system (without the exploits)
  • Better pvp expierence (1.8)
  • Added vehicles
  • Remove warden rankup & warp
  • New perks & extra's for ranks (currently not live yet on the store)
Economy changes
A few changes have been made, mostly to increase the time before reaching the final rank, and thus increase the time players spend...
Hey everyone!

A month has passed now and we have had some really good skyblock island builds submitted.
Before announcing the 3 winners I would like to personally thank every member that has participated in this event. Nobody knew this beforehand but I will be using most submissions in a future update (with proper credits to the builders). For now the 3 winning builds will get added to both skyblock Glacier and Vulcan on Monday.

Im happy to announce the 3 winners now.
You will each receive a private message from me with your € 15,- giftcard code.

PS: Keep your eyes on the forum announcements in march as im working on some big updates!

Thanks for reading!


Here is a list of the skyblock islands I will use in a future skyblock update:
  • Ugske - Mystic
  • joachim_carpels - Treehouse
  • BigBiertje - Fantasy
  • Dood_aB - Lumberjack
  • Hotdoggo - Distorted
  • oShafiq - Oriental
  • Lanuginoso - Deserted...
Hello everyone!

I honestly can't even remember when we've last had an event hosted on Foxcraft. Thats why Im stoked to announce a new build event on Foxcraft.

This build event will be dedicated to new Skyblock Starter Islands. In total we are looking to add 3 new player made skyblock starter islands to both skyblock Glacier and skyblock Vulcan.

The rules for this event:
  1. Do not use mods to copy skyblock islands of other servers or anywhere else from the internet. (we will make sure the islands are unique when judging them)
  2. The island must be build on the Creative gamemode on Foxcraft, use the compass in the hub to get to creative or use /creative
  3. The build must be submitted to the correct forum here: (make sure to fill out the form entirely)
  4. You may only submit 1 skyblock starter island, so take your time and dont rush your build!
  5. Do not use any new blocks that you will find in minecraft versions 1.14 or 1.15 (it is recommended you build in version 1.12.2)
  6. Max dimensions are 40x40 (I prefer if islands are smaller then that)
Who is going to pick the 3 winning starter islands for skyblock?
The winners will be picked by the staff and @cloakfox collectively.

When does the event end and when are winners picked?
The event submissions will close...

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