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10 Mar
New website! cloakfox
Hey everyone!

Some of you have already noticed it but...

I am proud to announce our brand new forums design that @NikolovDZN has worked on for quite a while and boy has it payed of.
More parts of our website like the store, stats & leaderboards will get updated soon.

Staff page:

Let us know down below what you think of the new design.

Kind regards,


A new tale begins, as we leave factions behind and battle for land, might and glory.

Foxcraft presents you Kingdoms, a new gamemode that will replace our previous Factions gamemode.

Kingdoms is a gamemode similar to Factions in some of its aspects. A glimpse of some the key differentiating features:

Gamemode information:
  • 1.13.2 (with 1.8 combat)
  • Balanced economy with an emphasis on making money through...
27 Dec
Towny 1.13 & revamp! cloakfox
Hello everyone!

I've been working on towny as of lately since I noticed that quite a few people seem to be enjoying the gamemode, even though it was horribly broken.

So i've decided to update the whole gamemode to 1.13 wich means you will now be able to use all of the latest features that come with minecraft 1.13 version.

I've also re-evaluated the towny plugin we use and decided to ditch it and use another lands claiming plugin. The Towny plugin had to many issues and anoying bugs that aren't being fixed by the plugin authors. You guys don't have to worry about losing your towns, claims and residents as I've imported them all over to our new Lands system.

Basicly "Lands" is the exact same as Towny (Towns), the only difference being that it's much easier to work with Lands since it uses an intuitive gui that players and staff can easily understand and work with.

  • The worldborder is still 30k in overworld, 15k in the nether and 10k in the end.
  • Player shop gui's have been removed, and replaced with chest shops. (Player shop gui's where not compatible with 1.13)
  • New/better auctions (/ah)
  • Better & cleaner chat with hover functions
  • New stock market where players are able to invest in stocks!
  • Online map of the entire world will be available soon when it finishes rendering. The map will show player locations, spawn & lands claims
  • Removed...
11 Nov
Snapchat on Foxcraft! cloakfox

Hey everyone!

We are fully launching this new feature on our network on 12-11-2018 at 9AM CET (tomorrow)

Snapchat (/snapchat) is a Minecraft version/implementation of the famous social media platform Snapchat. This system features a look-a-like Graphical User Interface in the style of the original mobile application. Not only that; the system also features an intuitive friend system which in turn allows you to send Snaps to offline friends as well as across gamemodes.

Below is an example of a player sending a Snapchat and another opening that same Snapchat on two completely different gamemodes! As you can see you are able to share anything ingame and also include a message.

You can use snapchat ingame on any gamemode with /snapchat

We hope you like this new addition to our network!

- Cloakfox
01 Oct
Survival updated to 1.13! cloakfox


You can now finally enjoy 1.13 on our survival server!

Survival is the first gamemode that has been updated to 1.13 (the aquatic update) after extensive testing behind the scenes. It took longer then normal because this time around a lot of plugins where outdated or not working as expected plus the fact that 1.13 hasn't been very stable either.

You can easily explore the new biomes and structures with /wild, it now teleports you in a random location centered around you. Before the update it would teleport you around the spawn point.

  • Server software runs on native 1.13
  • Changed /wild mechanics
  • Updated /shop with more items (temporary removed vip shop)
Know bugs:
  • When playing on versions below 1.13 you will see a bunch of visual glitches
  • Chests render as enderchests when using 1.12.2 or below
  • Scoreboard is weird on 1.12.2 or below
We highly recommend you play survival on 1.13 to prevent bugs & other weird stuff!



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