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Hey everyone,

I’m excited to introduce our new Monthly Summary posts! These posts will outline the most important updates and changes, congratulate the top voters, and showcase some of the best moments from each month. Let’s get into our first summary of the year, September!

Prison (Released!)
  • Lucky blocks in south mine now drop nether stars
  • Increased amount of homes premium ranks can create
  • Enabled offhand
  • Increased default amount of gang members
  • Disabled elytra in combat
  • Guests can now use doors, buttons, pressure plates, etc on plots
  • Plot owners are now able to customize most plot flags
  • Made foxes tamable (tame with raw chicken & breed with sweet berries)
  • Added /particles

  • Added friend tag
  • Updated /msg and /r formatting & behavior
  • Made foxes tamable (tame with raw chicken & breed with sweet berries)

  • Enabled claiming in the nether
  • Reset the nether world
  • Reset the end world
  • Increased range of /wild
  • Made foxes tamable (tame with raw chicken & breed with sweet berries)
  • Added /particles
03 Sep
Prison Release Details (09-09-2022) cloakfox

Hello everyone!

I am finally ready to share with you the full details and release date of the long anticipated prison gamemode on Foxcraft. Prison will be running on version 1.19.2 (with 1.8 pvp) and pretty much everything has been updated to be up to par with more modern standards. The server is also decked out with many of our newer in-house features.

The prison (map) is divided into 4 sections. East Block, West block, North block and South block with the spawn being located right in the middle. Players are able to unlock fast travel (warps) to each block by traveling to them on foot (only required once). Traversing around the prison on foot can be risky as PVP (with keepInventory) is enabled in many parts of the prison. Several of the mines and farms scattered around prison require the player to cross large PVP enabled areas.

Each prison block has it's own set of cells that can be rented, in total 140 cells are available around the map. They are the cheapest option if you want to have your own place to store valuables. Prisoners are also able to save up some more in-game money to purchase their own plot.

The goal in prison is to rankup from rank A to Z and then finally to Boss rank. Players have full creative freedom in how they want to make the money to rankup, there are many viable ways to earn $$$ around prison. For the...

Hello everyone, I hope you are all doing great!
I caught covid last week and took it easy for a few days, but I'm feeling fine currently.

I'm stoked to announce a second addition (server) to our Kingdoms server line-up that focuses more on the PVP & invading aspect of Kingdoms. Neutral kingdoms will be fully disabled on this new kingdoms server.

The reason I'm splitting up kingdoms is because I believe it's healthier for both kingdoms to have distinct separating features, and not have them mix & matched on one server. My goal is to offer 1 kingdoms server focused on team based building, roleplay and economy. The other kingdoms server will be focused on pvp, gathering loot, invading & expanding kingdoms. I've tried to please both these type of players with 1 kingdoms server, but realized it's not feasible as invading basically became nonexistent, resulting in a fun part of the game not being played.

Let's get into the nitty gritty details of the new kingdoms empire server:
  • OG spawn (roman inspired spawn)
  • 1.8 pvp
  • custom (iris) 1.18.2 world generation (A LOT of unique biomes)
  • 5k x 5k worldborder
  • 200+ enchantments
  • Consolidated good items from fortune crate into legendary crate
  • Added rank crate
  • Updated starter kit
  • More accurate /wild (teleports in a radius from spawn now)
  • No level plugins (like...
Hello everyone!

I hope you are all doing great, we've been cooking on some stuff since our previous announcement & have been pushing updates regularly in the changelogs!

I am excited to finally be able to announce a new build event again after such a long time (2 years pretty much), this time the focus or theme of the build event is to create a 1v1 pvp map or duel arena. What ever you'd like to call it. The purpose of this build event is to use the pvp builds in a 1 versus 1 mode in the future on the Foxcraft network. Both name & builder of the build will get displayed in this future mode! (similar to the Skyblock islands)

Top 5 Build Rewards:
  1. €75 PayPal (can opt to recieve €100 store credit)
  2. €50 PayPal (can opt to receive €75 store credit)
  3. €50 Store Giftcard
  4. €35 Store Giftcard
  5. €25 Store Giftcard
How to participate?
Join the server with ip: and type /event in-game to connect to the build event server. (You can optionally also jump into the event portal below the spawnpoint)

Claim a plot with /plot auto and start building.

When you are done with your build, create a player warp on the plot and submit it here:
You can learn how to create a player warp in-game with /pwarp

How to...

Hello everyone!

It has been a quiet last few months but we are back with big updates for Skyblock.

I am exited to share with you the details, date & timezone of our upcoming Skyblock reset. This new Skyblock release will run on Minecraft 1.17.1 and pvp will still be based on the 1.8 version of Minecraft for this release.

Skyblock is currently in beta and requires either Foxgod or Foxgoddess rank in order to join! The beta will end on 15-12-2021
Please keep in mind that all data will reset when the beta is over.
Your feedback is greatly appreciated on
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Skyblock will fully release on 17-12-2021 @ 4PM CET

Notable changes:
  • Updated to 1.17.1
  • New spawn
  • Much better pvp area
  • Return of spawner shop
  • Previewing skyblock islands [10/10 feature]
  • New /shop (with rotating items/blocks)
  • Replaced mcmmo with different skills & features
  • Updated crate rewards
  • Removed fortune crate & added rank crate
  • Removed island challenges and replaced them with quests
  • Added pets
  • Fishng is now more interesting
  • Updated player warps feature
  • Changed island levels meta
  • Added island upgrades
  • Added island vault (vault you share with island members)
  • Added SlimeFun machines, items & more
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