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Welcome to Foxcraft

Hello everyone!

I hope you guys are all staying safe, and I'm wishing you all good health this new year. Playing Minecraft should help with that :cool:

It's been a while since I've posted any announcement, but I'm back. I've been really busy with behind the scenes stuff like: improving infrastructure, working on better performance on all of our gamemodes, fixing bugs and adding a suggestion from time to time.

Our network has been running on a region based load balancer since December, and as a result of that we've been able to provide our EU based players with an even lower ping on our Oneblock and Kingdoms gamemodes. NA based players will notice no difference in ping.

We also have have switched from a slow and tedious friends/party system to a brand new friends system with a better API that allows us to better integrate parties in other gamemodes in the near future.

Now enough about the boring stuff that nobody barely notices. Let's talk about the Parkour Build Event!

I'm happy to announce a new build event hosted on our Creative gamemode. The goal for the event is to create a fully functional parkour with a start, checkpoints and a finish. You can only create the parkour on your own plot.

The event submission requirements are as following:
  • Parkour must have at least 3 checkpoints
  • Must have working /wwarp near parkour (Player warp)...
15 Dec
6 Days of Christmas Chris

Foxcraft // 6 Days of Christmas

Welcome to the Foxcraft 6 days of Christmas Giveaways/Events! In celebration of December and more importantly Christmas, we have decided to host a 6 Days of Christmas giveaways/events to show appreciation to the Foxcraft community. We hope that you’re all given the chance to at least partake in a few of the giveaways/events. These will consist of Competitions and Giveaways.

The dates of the giveaway/event have been listed below. On the day of the 6 days of Christmas, the explanation of the event will be updated on this thread, as well an announcement to update you guys will be posted on discord. Prizes have also been posted, this could be ranks, store gift cards or in-game items.

15th December: 24h Christmas Skin Contest // $20 Giftcard

Contest CLOSED: For this contest, all you need to do is create or find a Christmas themed skin. To be in the chance of winning, please make sure that you have the skin enabled on your Minecraft character. We will use the website NameMC to view the skin. ...​
14 Nov
Parkour Competition Chris

Foxcraft // Parkour Competition

Our next Competition/Event is a Parkour Competition! This event is for the skilled parkour enthusiasts or those who want to practice your parkour skills. You've all seen Parkour within the Hub, a lot of you have partaken and have very high scores within /parkour top. We will be using this plugin for the event and thus your previous scores have been reset (however the database has not been deleted so we will revert back to this once the Competition is over, so don't worry about your old scores!). For those who have not played the parkour in the hub, to partake in this event all you need to do is load into the Foxcraft hub and type /parkour, blocks will then start to appear in front of you.

This event will last for 2 weeks, meaning the scores will be final Saturday, 28th November.

We have prizes for top 5 parkour score, these are as follows; 1st Place ($20 store giftcard); 2nd Place ($15 store giftcard); 3rd Place ($10 store giftcard); 4th Place ($5 store giftcard); 5th Place ($5 store giftcard).

NOTE To view top 5 parkour scores type /parkour top in hub

Good Luck, any questions let me know.

Kind Regards,
Chris [Foxcraft...
30 Sep
Halloween Build Competition Chris

Hello Foxcraft,

It’s that time of the year, SpOooKy Season! In celebration of Halloween and the month of October, Foxcraft will be hosting numerous events throughout starting with a Halloween themed build competition. We’re looking for creative, unique, halloween/scary themed builds for this competition only.

This build competition will be hosted on the Creative server, thus resources should be no problem. You are able to have up to 3 people help with building your plot, however the prize will be given to the plot owner only (who may request a split of reward if required). Winners will be chosen by all staff members in a vote, meaning any participating staff members will not be able to vote on the winners. You can use as much or as little as you want of the plot for this competition. Please do not use printer to build on your plot for this competition as uniqueness is something we will judge on. This event will end October 31st, with winners being announced on November 1st meaning you have a month to build and submit your build.

We have prizes for top 5 builds, these are as follows; 1st Place ($40 store giftcard); 2nd Place ($30 store giftcard); 3rd Place ($20 store giftcard); 4th Place ($10 store giftcard); 5th Place ($5 store giftcard).

Once you have finished making your...
26 Sep
Official Staff Application System Chris
Foxcraft is actively looking for loyal, competent and aspiring members of the community to join our staff team as Helpers. The role of a Helper is extremely important, without them the experiences of players would not be as we hope. It is important that members of the community who are aspiring to join the staff team are well informed on the staff application system and thus this thread is a must to read before applying.

Applications are only a start when management reviews you as an applicant. Discord, Forums and In-Game behaviour is always considered before applications are accepted. Therefore, do not be surprised if your application is denied if it is well written but the way you conduct yourself around the network is not something we would accept from a Helper. Punishment history and in-game activity is also something we will consider when accepting applicants, if your activity is limited or your punishment history is questionable you will be denied, exceptions will and can be made if needed by management always.

We require you to write a detailed response to most questions. You are convincing us to accept you as a staff member, as well as telling us the qualities that make you stand out over everyone else. Without detailed responses, there will be barely anything to convince us in accepting you as a...

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