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Spawning from the ashes of a vulcano, we bring you Skyblock Vulcan
On the move to Foxcraft's old roots we have decided it's time to bring back Skyblock Vulcan on our network. The popularity of Foxcraft has recently increased and thus there was a lot of demand for a second skyblock server. For players that are concerned this will split and devide the skyblock playerbase, just trust us we will do our best to get both skyblock servers filled with players.

Skyblock Vulcan will be running on minecraft 1.13.2 and will in it's essence be an exact copy of the current skyblock server in terms of features. The current skyblock server thats running on minecraft 1.12.2 wil be rebranded to Skyblock Glacier, the server will NOT reset.

All ranks and titles will carry over from the current skyblock to Skyblock Vulcan, apart from those two everything else is reset and fresh.
The economy is for the most part the same as on the current setup but the /shop offers slightly more building blocks and other random stuff. There is no physical vip shop on Vulcan. Instead VIP ranks and higher are able to buy and sell items to and from the store for a better price.

Here is a short list of changes:
  • Creating warp signs no longer requires a high enough island level
  • McMMO abilities will NOT work in pvp
  • Slightly revamped...
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Hello Foxes, after endless thinking to innovate KitPVP to the best it can possibly be. We have came up with the following solution.

Make it more skill based, rather than get a kit, get someone low and someone else swiping your kill then dying due to the regeneration loss, we think it may be better if we introduce some sort of regeneration way into the game! When you spawn there will be a way to change from soup kits, to potion kits, depending on your style of play.

There will also be a way to edit your own kits to how you feel like it should. If you feel like your sword should be in slot 5, there will be an editing station in spawn that will save that kit foundation, upon reboots, logouts and that sort of agenda.

There will be stations around the map that will let you pull soup out of them but beware! They can go out of stock for up to 120 seconds. This will make it so you won't stay around these stations and farm them to stay alive. This will all be in a new experimental field in a new kitpvp play format!

Below are a few kits that can be added straight off the bat, with endless possibilities to create new ones:

Armour: Noteblock Helmet, Diamond Chestplate, Diamond Leggings, Diamond Boots
Abilities: Immune to explosions, Permanent Slowness I
Inventory: Diamond Sword, Sharpness I, 35 regeneration choice...​
09 Aug
The Kitpvp revamp cloakfox
Hello everyone!

The Kitpvp gamemode has recently went through a series of big updates in an attempt to bring it back to it's old glory. You will read more about these updates below.

To get an impression of what we mean by "bring it back to it's old glory" take a look at this video.
(Original kitpvp)

Now to be fair kitpvp in it's current state is much better then it was back then, but the popularity of the mode has taken a hit. We have done our best to get a revival going and we are on the right course if you compare playercount numbers before this revamp.

Watch the kitpvp trailer below to get an impression of the new kitpvp!

Made by @oHotdog

So what exactly has changed or has updated on Kitpvp?

Block rewards
We have introduced a new rewards system that rewards players with all kinds of different building blocks. The blocks have different rarity's ranging from "common" to "Legendary" in between those are "Rare" and "Epic" blocks.
View attachment 6094

You will be able to build with the blocks on your personal plot that you can claim with /plot auto (it will cost 100$ ingame money)
There is a catch though. When you kill someone in the arena, the block rewards will go to your inventory and you risk losing them if you die. So make sure to take...
06 Jun
Prison reset details cloakfox
Hello everyone,

It has been a while since our last announcement post was made. In the meanwhile i've been busy with life, college and ofcourse Foxcraft. A lot of you have recently been busy with exams, I hope you all will pass them with straight A's! If not don't be dissapointed for to long, I failed 1 year in high school and can tell you it's not the end of the world!

Regarding latest workflow.
I have been providing more of a life service to all of the gamemodes instead of periodically resetting and updating them. I think that continuously updating gamemodes is the right approach for some of these gamemodes like Skyblock, Survival & Kingdoms, they in my opinion don't need resets every 6 months or so. Infact I'd rather keep updating them all the time and test out new things every once in a while.

Prison introduction
Our community has let us know that they really wanted to play on the old prison map again. The current prison setup wasn't something to write home about either, it was a setup I had mixed feelings with right from the start because of the a-z ranks and free rank stuff. It just made it generic and took away the unique feeling previous prison setups had.

We didn't sleep on that one and decided it's time to completely redo our prison gamemode the right way.

Before continuing with the exact details of this prison reset...
I would like to thank...
16 Apr
New Store, Stats & Leaderboards! cloakfox
Hello everyone!

As mentioned in our previous announcement regarding the forums re-design, we promised that we would give the store, stats and leaderboards a well deserved facelift. We have delivered, and we hope you like it. The stats & leaderboards are now fully intergrated into the forums, special thanks to @NikolovDZN.

We hope you like these updates, we have more coming soon regarding our actual gamemodes.

Stay tuned for that!

King regards,


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