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02 May
Monthly Summary | April 2024 Laylah

April 2024
Hello! Here is a summary of April.

Kingdoms (RESET!):
  • Fixed a minion world blacklist bypass (thanks @CrushedSpirits)
  • Disabled soulbound enchantment
  • Added more invisible barriers at koth arena
  • Fixed not being able to place vehicles anywhere, you can now place them in the elysium world
  • Band-aid fix for giving mana reward periodically (every 15 minutes), this spams chat with afk messages, will fix properly soontm
  • Fixed extra kingdom claims being calculated wrongly (thanks @MisterMel)
  • Made chat easier to read (excluded displaying role names)
  • Temporarily disabled auto afk
  • Reintroducing tame-able foxes (Thanks @unknown, added support for 1.20.4)
    • Foxes can be tamed with raw chicken and bred with sweet berries.

  • Fixed rare error with archery mini game (thanks @NoahvdAa)
  • Added support for Minecraft 1.20.5 (java edition)
  • Added support for Minecraft 1.20.80 (bedrock edition

  • Small performance improvement related to island starter holograms (thanks...
19 Apr
Kingdoms 2024 cloakfox

(artwork by @Annelies022)

Greetings Foxcraft community!

It’s time to announce the pending Kingdoms reset & release, discover details of various updates and tweaks that have been made to the game in the bullet summary. We’ll also be sharing the release date and time with you near the end of the post (scroll down).

Kingdoms is a gamemode where players are able to create their own kingdom & manage it, or join an existing kingdom and fill a role/job that kingdom leaders request (their rules). Kingdoms can invade the lands of other kingdoms for their loot or prime location. Kingdoms can be upgraded & expanded, roles, members & warps can be managed by easy to use menus. The current iteration of kingdoms features 2 worlds in which kingdoms can claim land. World Olympus: Claiming in this world is cheaper and farms will work optimally here, everything in the world can be invaded. World Elyisum is safe from invaders but claiming here is much more expensive. Farms are very slow (slower tick speeds). This non invading world is useful for players that prefer the creative building & roleplaying aspects of kingdoms.
Hello Foxcraft community,
I hope you all have been doing well. We have been very busy the last couple of weeks
making something memorable for you this Easter!

I am overjoyed to share a new, spring themed RedVSBlue map!
Complete with parkour, loads of hiding and ambushing spots, filled with wildlife, and a little village.
The map supports KingOfTheHill (KOTH) and TeamDeathMatch (TDM).

Map ‘Easter Brawl’ was created by @Quorafied

When is this event?
We will be playing some RedvsBlue this Sunday (March 31st) at 8PM CET.

How do I join Easter Brawl?
You can participate by joining the server on IP:,
after that you can join the RedVSBlue gamemode with the server selector.
Next, simply wait for the game to start.

What are the rewards?
The teams are randomly assigned, and the winning team receives vote points.
We will be playing multiple rounds. This means everyone has a chance to obtain some points...

Hello Foxcraft community,

On the 21st of february 2024 our dear Foxcraft server turns 13 years old.
This is a time for celebration and fun!
And what could be more fun than some Foxcraft related memes?

What are the rewards?
1st place: €25,- store gift card
2nd place: €20,- store gift card
3rd place: €15,- store gift card

How to participate in the event?
Make your own original Foxcraft related meme. You can do this by drawing,
using a meme-editor (but be careful of suspicious websites!),
picture editors like photoshop, krita, or mobile apps. Be creative with it!
These are a couple of examples you could use as inspiration (by @xDark_M)

How to submit your meme?
When your meme is done, you can submit it here: Fill out this form

Do not be toxic, no nudity or hate. Keep the meme fun and positive! You can upload up to 3 memes per...​

Hello Foxcraft community,
Happy new year to you all! I hope you are ready for 2024.
Speaking of, we started this year with a new gamemode on Parkour Masters.
For this event, I wanted to test Eliminations mode with a big party. Are you in?

In parkour Eliminations mode you will be challenged to play against other players,
and race to the end of a randomly selected (easy, normal or hard) map.
The first people to finish the map proceed to the next map to race again.
The players that did not get to the end of the map in time will be eliminated.
This goes on for a couple of rounds, until eventually 1 player is left standing.

What are the rewards?
You receive vote-points for every round won.
  • 1st place: 25 vote points
  • 2nd place: 20 vote points
  • 3rd place: 15 vote points
Everyone that joined the event will receive 10 vote points for participation.

How to participate in the event
Join the server on IP: and join the parkour gamemode...

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