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Kingdoms Empire "Focusing on PVP and invading" (Details & release date)

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Is there gonna be a nexus? And recourse points because that's a other fun part that is better then mana

Hello everyone, I hope you are all doing great!
I caught covid last week and took it easy for a few days, but I'm feeling fine currently.

I'm stoked to announce a second addition (server) to our Kingdoms server line-up that focuses more on the PVP & invading aspect of Kingdoms. Neutral kingdoms will be fully disabled on this new kingdoms server.

The reason I'm splitting up kingdoms is because I believe it's healthier for both kingdoms to have distinct separating features, and not have them mix & matched on one server. My goal is to offer 1 kingdoms server focused on team based building, roleplay and economy. The other kingdoms server will be focused on pvp, gathering loot, invading & expanding kingdoms. I've tried to please both these type of players with 1 kingdoms server, but realized it's not feasible as invading basically became nonexistent, resulting in a fun part of the game not being played.

Let's get into the nitty gritty details of the new kingdoms empire server:
  • OG spawn (roman inspired spawn)
  • 1.8 pvp
  • custom (iris) 1.18.2 world generation (A LOT of unique biomes)
  • 5k x 5k worldborder
  • 200+ enchantments
  • Consolidated good items from fortune crate into legendary crate
  • Added rank crate
  • Updated starter kit
  • More accurate /wild (teleports in a radius from spawn now)
  • No level plugins (like mcmmo)
  • Simplified /shop
  • Neutral kingdoms disabled
Stronger kits starting at Shadowfox & up will be disabled for a few days on launch to give every player a fair start.

Important changes recently made to invading:
  • You must declare kingdom as enemy first before you can invade it
  • You can only invade claims that have wilderness or other kingdom owned claims next to them (edge claims)
  • Every new kingdom has a 24h invasion protection, purpose of this timer is to give new kingdoms a chance to build up.
Ranks are synced between the two kingdom servers. We just miss the og kingdoms with all the raiding and nexus and stuff. Miss Amigos my homies!

Release date & time:
EU TIME: Saturday 4PM CEST (07-05-2022)

Looking forward to seeing more action & plotting on kingdoms!

Kind regards,


PS: Follow our tiktok account we will be uploading content soon!
Sounds cool, But.. It does not have kingdomsx :(
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