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Kingdoms Empire "Focusing on PVP and invading" (Details & release date)

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Hello everyone, I hope you are all doing great!
I caught covid last week and took it easy for a few days, but I'm feeling fine currently.

I'm stoked to announce a second addition (server) to our Kingdoms server line-up that focuses more on the PVP & invading aspect of Kingdoms. Neutral kingdoms will be fully disabled on this new kingdoms server.

The reason I'm splitting up kingdoms is because I believe it's healthier for both kingdoms to have distinct separating features, and not have them mix & matched on one server. My goal is to offer 1 kingdoms server focused on team based building, roleplay and economy. The other kingdoms server will be focused on pvp, gathering loot, invading & expanding kingdoms. I've tried to please both these type of players with 1 kingdoms server, but realized it's not feasible as invading basically became nonexistent, resulting in a fun part of the game not being played.

Let's get into the nitty gritty details of the new kingdoms empire server:
  • OG spawn (roman inspired spawn)
  • 1.8 pvp
  • custom (iris) 1.18.2 world generation (A LOT of unique biomes)
  • 5k x 5k worldborder
  • 200+ enchantments
  • Consolidated good items from fortune crate into legendary crate
  • Added rank crate
  • Updated starter kit
  • More accurate /wild (teleports in a radius from spawn now)
  • No level plugins (like mcmmo)
  • Simplified /shop
  • Neutral kingdoms disabled
Stronger kits starting at Shadowfox & up will be disabled for a few days on launch to give every player a fair start.

Important changes recently made to invading:
  • You must declare kingdom as enemy first before you can invade it
  • You can only invade claims that have wilderness or other kingdom owned claims next to them (edge claims)
  • Every new kingdom has a 24h invasion protection, purpose of this timer is to give new kingdoms a chance to build up.
Ranks are synced between the two kingdom servers.

Release date & time:
EU TIME: Saturday 4PM CEST (07-05-2022)

Looking forward to seeing more action & plotting on kingdoms!

Kind regards,


PS: Follow our tiktok account we will be uploading content soon!
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one can play 2 KD the same time? or you shoud choose only one game mode?
You can play on two kingdoms for sure!

Kingdoms Empire will be focused on PVP & invading
Current kingdoms server will get rebranded to Kingdoms Valhalla and will be geared towards team building, roleplay & economy. (invading disabled)