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Monthly Summary | April 2024

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April 2024
Hello! Here is a summary of April.

Kingdoms (RESET!):
  • Fixed a minion world blacklist bypass (thanks @CrushedSpirits)
  • Disabled soulbound enchantment
  • Added more invisible barriers at koth arena
  • Fixed not being able to place vehicles anywhere, you can now place them in the elysium world
  • Band-aid fix for giving mana reward periodically (every 15 minutes), this spams chat with afk messages, will fix properly soontm
  • Fixed extra kingdom claims being calculated wrongly (thanks @MisterMel)
  • Made chat easier to read (excluded displaying role names)
  • Temporarily disabled auto afk
  • Reintroducing tame-able foxes (Thanks @unknown, added support for 1.20.4)
    • Foxes can be tamed with raw chicken and bred with sweet berries.

  • Fixed rare error with archery mini game (thanks @NoahvdAa)
  • Added support for Minecraft 1.20.5 (java edition)
  • Added support for Minecraft 1.20.80 (bedrock edition

  • Small performance improvement related to island starter holograms (thanks @MisterMel)
  • Shop item rotations now occur at 12 AM CEST
  • Fixed suspicious gravel & sand not spawning in some island phases
  • Fixed issues with fishing augments
  • Fixed fishing augment menus
  • Added /xpbottle (available for free)
  • Fixed issue with island prestiging not granting +1 island size when last block was not mined by the island owner
  • Increased chunk render distance on islands by +1 chunk
  • Increased activation range of animal & monster mobs
  • Increased speed of lumberjack and collector minions
  • Slightly increased player render distance
  • Increased per player mobcaps for animals & monsters
  • Another +1 chunk view distance on islands
  • /shop weekend stock now displays earlier (on fridays too)
  • Added "Light" block to /shop item pool (as epic item)
  • Fixed issue with spawners, placing & silktouching
  • Mining island phases now gives the island size rewards regardless if island owner is online or not
  • Reintroduced FoxTitles, title points can be obtained in some crates @ /warp crates (thanks @NoahvdAa)
  • General updates, bug fixes & improvements to islands software (merged upstream) (thanks @MisterMel)
  • Huge server performance improvement made possible by changes in FoxMinions (thanks @MisterMel)

  • Fixed issues with fishing augments
  • Updated McMMO, added crossbow & trident skills
  • Added mycelium & honey blocks to /shop
  • Disabled mecha vehicles in spawn, to prevent loss (thanks @Laylah)
  • Huge server performance improvement made possible by changes in FoxMinions (thanks @MisterMel)
  • Increased per player mobcaps for animals & monsters
  • Increased chunk render distance by +2 chunks
  • Added Nether Bricks to /shop
  • Added Red Nether Bricks to /shop
  • Set sheep spawner rates back to global values
  • Fixed blast furnaces & smokers jobs data not persisting after reboots
  • Lowered elytra cooldowns
  • Added crimson & warped stem to blocks shop
  • Added "Light" to blocks shop (very expensive)
  • Added cocoa beans to farming shop
  • Made vote crate keys virtual, they will now appear in /keys
  • Fixed daily rewards still handing out physical keys
  • Dragon egg's will now always get added to the dragon slayers inventory
  • Fixed maps in item frames bugging out
  • Reintroduced FoxTitles, title points can be obtained in some crates @ /warp crates (thanks @NoahvdAa)
    • Title points can be used to create your own custom tag with formatting from
      You do not have permission to view link Log in or register now.

      Tags are displayed in chat and in floating name tag
  • Fixed errors when players get sorted in teams & when they are teleported to maps (thanks @MisterMel)

  • Fixed broken store signs at crates area
  • Moderate server performance improvement made possible by changes in FoxMinions (thanks @MisterMel)

  • Added tall flowers like rose bush & lilac to /shop

  • Updated the ratings display (in bossbar), added more stars & gradient effect (thanks @Nowaha)
  • Updated levelup entry in logbook (thanks @NoahvdAa)
  • Added confirmation menu when trying to delete a phantom/replay from a map (thanks @Nowaha)
  • Added succeed chat message when deleting a phantom (thanks @Nowaha)
  • Fixed colors not parsing for level names in parkour logbook (thanks @NoahvdAa)
  • Fixed possible exploit with button minigame & parkour (thanks @NoahvdAa)

Welcome @Super_JessePlays, and welcome back @Bubbabouy, to the staff team!

Congratulations to @Elyseeh on her promotion from Helper to Moderator!

Congratulations to the top voters of April:

1. dragonaster with 173 votes! | +500 vote points (€10)
2. Bobmcgob with 169 votes! | +400 vote points (€8)
3. deniiiiiii with 169 votes! | +300 vote points (€6)
4. nxtskv with 159 votes! | +200 vote points (€4)
5. Themistocles248 with 158 votes! | +100 vote points (€2)

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