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Hey guys,

I won’t be able to be active for about 6-9 days (maybe earlier, I don’t know). Reason being is because I’m moving and got to disconnect everything. But, I’ll try to post some stuff to update y’all on my forums.

Hi everyone, I wanted to know if this isn't just me, or has the reported players been getting out for free? I reported a player (karate1616) for harassment and came back in two days, either he lied or it was be cause he wasn't a member. please respond. Thank you
We don't ban people for harassment so its perfectly normal for you to see him 2 days later. Your report wasn't accepted due to the fact that it is not against the rules, not because of anything else. Plus as we said multiple times, you can use /ignore if you don't want to engage in any conversations with karate1616.