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Skyblock Reset & Updates + Beta info

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Hello everyone!

It has been a quiet last few months but we are back with big updates for Skyblock.

I am exited to share with you the details, date & timezone of our upcoming Skyblock reset. This new Skyblock release will run on Minecraft 1.17.1 and pvp will still be based on the 1.8 version of Minecraft for this release.

Skyblock is currently in beta and requires either Foxgod or Foxgoddess rank in order to join! The beta will end on 15-12-2021
Please keep in mind that all data will reset when the beta is over.
Your feedback is greatly appreciated on
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Skyblock will fully release on 17-12-2021 @ 4PM CET

Notable changes:
  • Updated to 1.17.1
  • New spawn
  • Much better pvp area
  • Return of spawner shop
  • Previewing skyblock islands [10/10 feature]
  • New /shop (with rotating items/blocks)
  • Replaced mcmmo with different skills & features
  • Updated crate rewards
  • Removed fortune crate & added rank crate
  • Removed island challenges and replaced them with quests
  • Added pets
  • Fishng is now more interesting
  • Updated player warps feature
  • Changed island levels meta
  • Added island upgrades
  • Added island vault (vault you share with island members)
  • Added SlimeFun machines, items & more
Discord Chat <> Minecraft Chat
With the new skyblock release all public minecraft chat will get send to the #skyblock discord channel and vice versa, this should make it much easier for everyone to stay in touch on what is happening on the server. Server auto reboots will now also get posted in the #skyblock channel.

Release dates and times:
Beta access for foxgods/foxgoddesses starts today and ends on 15-12-2021
Skyblock will fully release on 17-12-2021 @ 4PM CET

What does reset mean?
It means the server will get wiped and all in-game items will be gone.
The only thing the player keeps after a reset is their rank.
You are eligible for store credit, if you have purchased anything skyblock related in the past 1-2 months before the reset date.
(if so feel free to create a payment support ticket after release here:

Thank you for reading, I will be active on /skyblock this week and will be closely monitoring chat and fix any issues when they arrise!

PS: If you are checking out the skyblock early, let us know what you think of it!

Kind regards,

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