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Skyblock island build event winners!

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Hey everyone!

A month has passed now and we have had some really good skyblock island builds submitted.
Before announcing the 3 winners I would like to personally thank every member that has participated in this event. Nobody knew this beforehand but I will be using most submissions in a future update (with proper credits to the builders). For now the 3 winning builds will get added to both skyblock Glacier and Vulcan on Monday.

Im happy to announce the 3 winners now.
You will each receive a private message from me with your € 15,- giftcard code.

PS: Keep your eyes on the forum announcements in march as im working on some big updates!

Thanks for reading!


Here is a list of the skyblock islands I will use in a future skyblock update:
  • Ugske - Mystic
  • joachim_carpels - Treehouse
  • BigBiertje - Fantasy
  • Dood_aB - Lumberjack
  • Hotdoggo - Distorted
  • oShafiq - Oriental
  • Lanuginoso - Deserted
  • Ambology - High Skies
  • Baest - Meme
  • Eternaldarkness - Marine
  • cane1060 - Magical Mushroom
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