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First of i'd like to wish you all a happy new year hope you have a great year ahead.

Now onto the awesome news. Me and Foxcraft's devs have been working behind the scenes for the past few weeks to bring you all of our webstore items for free by spending AdPoints. By simply using the ads system we have in place to pay for ranks and all kinds of other things without paying any real life money. We will still be announcing our top 10 weekly ad viewers too! I just wanted everybody to have an equal chance at getting something. AdPoints earned do not expire.


Reason for this is that Foxcraft profits from it by ad revenue (gives Foxcraft the chance to grow even bigger), and you players profit from it by not spending any money to get awesome extra perks from the store. And you can still support your favourite server this way.

This new system will roll out on Skyblock and Prison first. You can start getting "AdPoints" tomorrow when our gamemodes automaticly reboot/restart.

AdPoints can be earned by watching ads using /ad

Our AdPoints shop (webstore) can be opened with /adshop

Here is what it looks like ingame:

You can browse through all the items and checkup on prices ingame currently on both skyblocks or prison if you'd like.
Purchases are per server only. (If you buy a rank on sglacier using adpoints it will only be active on sglacier and NOT on svulcan).

Adpoint shops will rollout on the rest of the gamemodes later this week.
And remember adpoints can be earned as of tomorrow.

Thanks for reading,

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I never received my reward from last time, and I was wondering why. Also, this sound like a great system, it will make it much easier for the community to redeem their rewards then!


Sounds good! I'm glad I have 3k points stored up.

EDIT: I've realized that my adpoints got reset...

AND those ranks are pretty pricey..
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my adpoints are not showing in the adshop I watched this week 868 ads and came in the topviewers so when does the adshoppoints get fixed and when do the topviewers get their prieces?
I just wanted everybody to have an equal chance at getting something. AdPoints earned do not expire.
Please stop adding unfair stuff to this system before Everyone can get profit from the ads... Add the country's from where still a bunch of players play foxcraft please.
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