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Oneblock Remastered / 22-09-2023

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Hello everyone, I hope you are all doing amazing!

It’s been 3 years since we released the Oneblock gamemode on our network. We’ve maintained Oneblock as a lifeservice ever since and have continued to improve on the initial release(s) with changelogs posted every week or so. Since the 1.18 & 1.19 Minecraft updates we noticed that it has become harder to keep both Oneblock games up to date and maintain the same quality, it’s time for a refresh.

I’m happy to announce that it’s finally time for Oneblock to receive some well deserved updates, tweaks & other changes. Oneblock Glacier and Oneblock Vulcan will both reset and merge into 1 Oneblock server on September 22th. Continue reading below to discover everything that has been updated and or changed!
Below is also explained how you can redeem any purchases made (like crate keys, minions) in the last 2 months .

New island phases
4 new island phases have been added bringing the total island phases count to 18. Blossom, Bamboo Forest, Mushroom Forest and Pillage phase have been added, these phases are configured with new chest rewards and mob spawns. Progressing through some of the island phases will now also increase your island size, useful for expanding your farms or warps :)

Island size & increasing play-able area
The default island size has been brought down to 20 blocks (smaller starting island), this change was introduced to make it more rewarding to increase the play-able area. It is now much easier to increase your island size. For example it’s possible to increase it by mining through a phase, by spending island points (received when prestiging) and by purchasing extra island size directly from the
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The Daily Shop
New 1.20 items & pumpkin block have been added to the shop, the sell prices on ⅓ of the items have also been updated!

Updated enchantments
Moved away from the pesky & outdated Enchants used on previous oneblock/skyblock and switched over to a different solution that offers 70+ vanilla like enchantments, obtainable through normal ways (villagers, enchantment tables, looting, etc)

Other changes and updates
  • Updated to 1.20.1
  • Cinematic afk mode in spawn (doesn't trigger when going afk on island)
  • Updated bounties
  • Added /skills
  • Added 1.20 items to /shop
  • Updated sell prices of some items in /shop
  • Updated private messaging system
  • Added /farm (cultivate epic farms)
  • Updated parkour challenge
  • Pinata spawns at /warp pvp
  • Updated holograms
  • Different enchantments
  • New daily, weekly and monthly personal challenges
  • Updated island challenges
  • Updated island biomes
  • Added Cookie Clicker minigame at spawn
  • Added Archery challenge minigame at spawn
  • Re balanced kits
  • + a bunch of smaller updates & tweaks

Oneblock Glacier and Oneblock Vulcan will both be whitelisted on Thursday morning (21-09-2023), you have the time until this date to save builds of your island on your own computer (
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Recently made purchases of crate keys, minions & island size upgrades
Players that have purchased crate keys (excluding rank keys), minions or island size upgrades in the last 2 months (from 17-07-2023 or earlier) are eligible to receive the same items again after the release of Oneblock Remastered. How to redeem recently made purchases? Simply fill out this form with all details and we will do our best to re-queue the purchase within 7 days. A transaction ID is required to be filled out, you can find it in the payment receipt received in your email.

Thanks for making it down this far, I hope to see you on Friday 22-09-2023 at 8PM CEST for some new oneblock adventures!
Let us know in the comments what builds or farms you are planning to make on your new island! Also always happy to read suggestions or other feedback on
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All data of Oneblock Glacier and Vulcan will be archived, the world and islands might become publicly available later at one point in time but not anytime soon.
Some impressive statistics of old Oneblock Glacier & Vulcan:
  • 180.000+ players joined
  • 150.000+ islands created
  • 2700+ player warps made
  • Released on Minecraft version 1.16.1
  • Received updates till Minecraft version 1.19.2
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What about ranks? And those that have brought stuff in more than the past few months beyond the two month mark?
Ranks are permanent and do not expire, you will still have it on the release of Oneblock Remastered. For other items/keys we have to draw the line somewhere due to the nature of the item being trade-able, destroy able, etc.