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Kingdoms 1.17 Reset & Updates

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Hello everyone!

I am exited to share with you the details and date/timezone of our upcoming Kingdoms reset. This new Kingdoms release will run on the latest version of Minecraft (1.17.1) and features our own in-house developed Kingdoms plugin that we have been working on since April-May this year. Pvp will still be based on the 1.8 version of Minecraft for this release.

New to kingdoms?
Kingdoms is a gamemode similar to the factions gamemode in which players (you) try and take over claims of other factions. Kingdoms is less oriented on griefing & raiding and instead focusses more on taking over land by fighting with pvp combat & defense systems. In order to successfully take over a claim the player must invade & beat the kingdom champion (upgrade-able boss) within the time limit. In the meanwhile all online kingdom members of both kingdoms in the conflict get a notification and are prompted to help and fight. Our kingdoms gamemode also offers some roleplay elements like kingdom jails & being able to start a neutral kingdom, choosing if you are a king or a queen of your kingdom & more.

Release date and time:

Kingdoms 1.17 releases this Friday @ 6:30 PM CEST
17-09-2021 @ 18:30 PM CEST (metric date)

(paste "18:30 PM CEST" in google search & it will automatically display the local time for you)

Notable changes:
  • Updated to 1.17.1
  • Fresh World with a 10.000 x 10.000 world border
  • New Kingdoms plugin (read about new features below)
  • New spawn [Viking themed]
  • Discord & Minecraft chat are linked with each other (join our discord server with /discord in-game)
  • 200+ Custom enchants (spring enchantment is disabled, razor enchantment is nerfed, soulbound disabled, nerfed streamlining) (use /enchants to browse all enchantments)
  • Added player warps (works best with a neutral kingdom)
  • Added chest shops (works best with a neutral kingdom)
  • Added /pets
  • Added /fish
  • Updated /shop
  • Updated /help
  • Updated pinata party rewards
  • Updated crate rewards
  • Huge warzone area around spawn build by @Orange_AB
  • Better spawn NPC's
New kingdoms plugin
As I have mentioned before, the new kingdoms release will feature a new kingdoms plugin that is maintained by Foxcraft. We have decided to make our own to make it easier to fix issues and add new features to the plugin. We already have a few new features implemented, like easy management of kingdom members, being able to store loot in /k vault, overhauled kingdom upgrades, introduced mana, being able to specify if your are a king or a queen when creating a kingdom, being able to start a neutral kingdom (neutral kingdoms cannot get invaded) and much more.

With the addition of adding back neutral kingdoms, I thought it would also be appropriate to add player chest shops & warps, since these kingdoms & players are at no risk of getting invaded.

Discord Chat <> Minecraft Chat
With the new kingdoms release all public minecraft chat will get send to the #kingdoms discord channel and vice versa, this should make it much easier for players unable to join the server to still be able to chat with players that are currently on the server. Server auto reboots will now also get posted in the #kingdoms channel.

What does reset mean?
It means the server will get wiped and all in-game items will be gone.
The only thing the player keeps after a reset is their rank.
You are eligible for store credit, if you have purchased anything kingdoms related in the past 1-2 months before the reset date.

(if so feel free to create a payment support ticket after release here:

Thank you for reading and I hope to see you this Friday for some good ol building, invading & pvp!

PS: if you find any bugs related to new kingdoms plugin let us know asap, we can most likely fix them in a heart beat!

Kind regards,

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