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Appeal for unmute + my item back

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Hi, my ingame name is Slince also known as r2tdd.

With this appeal i hope to get my item back and to get unmuted.

1. unmute

I was muted 2 weeks ago for "Toxicity", the reason i was "toxic" is because i got very mad that i paid my real money for ingame items and it dissapeared because of server bug. I have proof of this bug and tried to ask staff for help for 2 weeks but staff did not react. Than i saw all staff playing kitpvp instead of trying to help me and i exploded out of anger. As I never had any punishments and never did any other wrong things i hope i can get a second chance I find myself guilty for getting muted.

2. My item back

I purchased tokens and used it to make a "god sword" how i call it with a lot of high enchants. And i wanted to sell it on the /ah and the next day i did a minecraft namechange whilst my item was on the /ah and i couldnt get it of the ah anymore nor could anyone buy it since it was 500K and i tried to get help and made another post but no reaction was fast enough and it expired from the /ah in 3 days. I have proof of this i will put it in the attach files. Also Elyseeh knows about this but couldnt give the item back or get it off the /ah because she had not enough permissions. If this is not enough proof she can confirm it happened.


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