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Suggestion: Nerf netherwart on kingdoms Fast

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Nerf netherwart on kingdoms Fast

Description of suggestion
There needs to be done something about the price of selling nether wart on kingdoms. As it stands players with minions have an massive advantage to those without. Like comeon our kingdom spent hours maybe even days building and constructing our Cactus farm and people with minions are completely overshadowing the entire server. $18 for 16 nether wart is a joke. I only managed to get like 140k over an 12 hour afk session and then there's these players who haven't even spent 1hour making a farmjust completely outclassing the entire server.

Down the price to atleast $8 or maybe even $6.

Possible side effects of suggestion
Gives people a purpose to strive for /topbalances, now it's just a joke.