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Description of suggestion
I bought foxing just before the lands update came and I have noticed cloak has edited the kit I feel the kit was perfect as it was and I am not sure whether he has done this to other kits as well but I wish for the kits to get changed back to the way they were. I have also noticed that player shops have been removed this has decreased the value of the kit. I also feel that putting down the shop prices was a bad Idea as now the farms people make are less profitable meaning that it is harder to make up the balance leader board. I have also experienced a problem of getting kicked out of my town for no reason and my town mayor says she didn't kick me so this has to be a bug please fix it as soon as possible

Possible side effects of suggestion
i also thought about the kits being less worth, they were good, and the kits didnt need a change. And also, i agree, and ask the same why was everything in the shop half price now when it comes to selling the items, and why arent the items we buy from the shop also divided? since it everything that we sell also is half price.