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Suggestion: Lands

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Description of suggestion
For the past few weeks, the lands economy has been exploding with money. Eager to find where all this money came from I asked around. I quickly found out the cause.

Pig spawners

In the /shop it is possible to sell a single porkchop for 6$
(All the food is too profitable compared to other things in the shop, for example 16 wheat is 5$ and 1 bread is 5$)
Back in the towny day where we had the "land rebuild" plugin thing, which, when an explosion happened in wilderness rebuilt the land that was destroyed. Yet we also had a plug in that allowed tnting of spawners.

This meant it was very easy to duplicate spawners and shulker boxes. Yet now we have a shop where porkchop is the most profitable?

I suggest decreasing sale prices on food dramatically or increasing value of all the other catagories.

Greetings, 13JAR02

Possible side effects of suggestion
A stabilized economy
Nerfing of duped spawners