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Hello everyone,

I'm happy to announce that on Sunday 31st May, we'll be holding a Staff vs. Players Event! We will be holding this at 8PM CET, and it will run for approximately 30 minutes, to 1 hour. This will be a PvP-focused event which can be accessed through /event or the Server Selector GUI in the lobbies. The server will be up and running from 7PM CET, allowing you to be some of the first on the server waiting for it to start.

Additionally, today I'm happy to announce that we have some new Staff Promotions on the server!
  1. Shafiqo (Senior Moderator -> Administrator)
  2. SilverFawkes (Moderator -> Senior Moderator)
  3. AbooseTime (Helper -> Moderator)
Congratulations guys, you deserve it!

Some of you guys have recently been asking about myself, so I'll quickly introduce myself. I've been working as a Developer with cloakfox for a while, and have recently moved into Community Management. I'm currently 18 and from Ireland, and for the eagle eyed, you can find a post I made on the forums a few years ago introducing myself too, but I've changed quite a lot since then! I'm excited to get to know the community more, and engage with them as much as I can.

Thanks for reading (and see you on Sunday!),



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Some constructive criticism: "from ireland" ireland is the island, there's two separate countries on there. Be more pacific mate. Also no, you don't want to engage with the community, there's like 1,000 posts on your profile which you've not responded to or reacted lol. Your tag says "staff manager" tho so you're not a community manager. Noones looking for your old post, so need to mention it. Happy to meet you Pottyers tho also add back disagree reaction