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Parkour Masters 1.0

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Greetings Foxcraft community!

The past 2 years me & and a team of developers (@MisterMel, @NoahvdAa, @jaqobb, @OliverHD, & more) have been working on a unique parkour playing & building game called Parkour Masters. I am excited to elaborate on some of it's unique features like Phantoms (1:1 recordings of player movements), Map browsing, Build mode, Challenges & so more further down in this thread.

Parkour Masters
Complete an infinite amount of community made parkour maps, complete challenges, unlock cosmetics for free & become a Grand Master. Build and publish your own maps with special build mode tools that offer near unlimited map customization options.​

Phantoms are ghosts or replays of other players, you will see translucent NPC's running around in the maps you play, these ghosts are 1:1 recordings of all movements a previous player has made on the map. Players can leave behind their own phantoms by completing maps.

Phantoms are able to help the player navigate through maps, they can show how certain jumps are done, by default a total of 20 random phantoms will appear on any given map when playing. It's possible to race against your own phantoms (Achieve a new personal best time) or race against any of the top #1, #2 & #3 phantoms on a map in a Time Trial.
Replays of player movements are also extremely useful to moderators & admins to help them spot cheaters, whenever a cheater is banned on the parkour game, all of their data will get cleared from maps they've played on.
Map builders can use phantoms to determine if certain parts of their map are to easy, to hard, or not working as intended and make tweaks based of real player interactions.

Here is what a 100 of these phantoms look like in-game:
map: Blocks by: nfoert

Map Browsing
Players are able to preview an entire map & view some (20) of it's phantoms before attempting it, then instantly view the next map in queue with almost no load times by using SWM world formatting. A special technology that only saves the essential bits of data on maps, it allows for blazing fast map loading. Players can browse through various playlists scattered around the lobby and main menu's or filter maps with own criteria using command /fp browse. Maps with a specific name or description can also be found with command /fp search.
Maps can be filtered by difficulty, rating, total completions, tags, author, publish time and many more options

Build Mode
Select a template (canvas) to start out with and get started on building your own map within seconds. Map builders are instantly teleported to their new map after selecting a preferred template and receive a hotbar filled with build mode tools. The hotbar tools we offer allow the player to create checkpoints, change map options like weather & biome. Change map rules like difficulty, fall damage, skipping of checkpoints, toggle display of phantoms, select tags & tweak much more.

Challenges & Cosmetics
Complete various challenges to earn Parkour Points & XP. Parkour Points can be used to unlock 60+ unique cosmetics (hats & plushies). Some challenges require the player to complete maps tagged with lava tag or complete maps with a certain difficulty like, build a map with specific requirements and so on. There are currently 40+ challenges to complete. The server uses a resource pack to introduce the new equip able items, bedrock support will be added later when the resource pack is more complete.

Every player starts out as a rookie and can level up by gaining experience by: completing maps, building maps, completing challenges, rating maps. The level of a player is not a indication of the players parkour skills but rather a display of total experience they have on the server or time invested. Higher leveled players will however often know much better how to complete some of the trickier maps, it could never hurt to ask them for help!

Time Trials
Race against the fastest phantoms on a map and beat them to gain extra parkour experience, players can race against their own previous runs or against the fastest runs on the map in a Time Trial.

Last but not least I would like to thank a few community members for providing valuable feedback throughout the development of this game:
@Badmoises, @JusticeLeauge, @lnstagram, @LLianaa, @Dr4ch3n, @imsleepzy, @IdkWhoAsked, @PlatypusSummoner, @dragonaster, JokingRabbit835, @Kevin87_, @Vogrez, @gginaxm, @CrushedSpirits, @H4ckCr4ft, @zhi_penght, @Octavian333, @38ig, @X_Cool_Gaming_X, @uzgr, @Deannn & more (view leaderboards in-game)
I am extremely lucky to be able to actively work on a game and receive feedback & other input from community members on new additions as they get introduced, work out issues as they arise & make general improvements to all parts of the game.

There are still many new features, additions & other improvements planned to make Parkour Masters even better, but for now I hope you enjoy the release of Parkour Masters 1.0!

Try Parkour Masters right now by joining ip:
Do you have what it takes to become a Parkour Grand Master!?

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Parkour Masters Statistics:
  • 29.000 players have tried parkour masters
  • a total of 706 community made maps have been build & published
  • 108.229 phantoms are roaming around in maps (total times a map has been completed)
  • 12 players reached highest parkour level "Grand Master"
  • 400+ code contributions made since 2021

Thanks for reading this announcement, it has been quite a while since I last posted anything, I have been very much active in the background with general maintenance/development of the entire server and working on projects like Parkour Masters. I am grateful to be able to do this thing fulltime, The Foxcraft minecraft community was originally created back in 2011 and so much things have changed over the years, it's amazing to see (old)members return to the server and catchup with each other, chatting about how much better old kitpvp, factions or skywars was. Looking forward to be able to have a smoll influence on future experiences of new generations of players for many years to come.

Kind regards,
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