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Parkour Map Build Event // Animals

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Hello Foxcraft community,
My name is Annelies and I’ve been brought on board the team to help coordinate future events.
It will be great to see this community come together and create, scavenge, build, escape, collect points and have a lot of fun!

I am happy to announce a new build event, the goal for this month is to create an animal themed parkour map.
It can be any kind of animal, be it a whole zoo or just your favourite pet(s). We are looking forward to seeing a wide range of animal themed maps!

What are the rewards?
  • 1st place: €50,- store gift card
  • 2nd place: €40,- store gift card
  • 3rd place: €25,- store gift card
  • 4th place: €20,- store gift card
  • 5th place: €15,- store gift card

How to participate in the event
Join the server on IP: and join the parkour gamemode with the server selector, or use the command /parkour.
You can use the “build own maps” hotbar tool after joining to get started with building your map!
You can add friends & build together on your map with /fp trust {username}

How to submit your build
After completing your build and publishing your map on Parkour Masters, you can submit your map here:
Fill out this form

Hold your horses! Before you get started, please read the rules!
The event will be hosted on Parkour Masters. We are looking forward to unique and spectacular builds. The parkour map can be of any difficulty.
Your friends can help you build, (up to 3 players per build) but keep in mind that the reward will go to the owner of the submitted build.

  • Select "Animals" tag on map
  • Select "Event" tag on map
  • WorldEdit usage is allowed (available for free)
  • No copycats
  • Any other mods that help speed up or simplify build process are not allowed
How are winners picked?
Winner winner chicken dinner! View each other's submissions on the forums and leave a reaction on the maps you like.
Event submissions with the most likes or reactions are eligible to win one of our five rewards. Check out all build event submissions here:
Event submissions

The event starts today on Friday September 29th and ends Sunday October 22nd.
The winners will be picked on Monday October 23th, they will be posted as a reply under this announcement.

Thanks for reading and see you soon!

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The time has come! It has been a pleasure to see your beautiful builds. We had to pick only a handful, which was really hard but let's hear it for:

1. Hidden Nature by @Quorafied
That name is just right, the parkour is a nice challenge and very beautiful.
The ponds and little bees are peaceful and the big hummingbird and parrot are both very beautiful and unique builds.
Exactly what we were looking for, keep it up!

2. Bridge Run by @mbjgamer
It’s honestly hard not to go “wow!” when you play this parkour.
The fantasy themed animals are really big and tell a story, it is amazing to look at and not confusing.
The parkour is very hard and has little checkpoints, so I would rate it pro-only. Other than that great job!

3. Bees n’ Island by @Techno2020
I was buzzing with excitement when I saw your design.
Cute bees big and small, and a fitting cherry blossom tree on a floating island.
When I played the parkour it was very hard so bee ready for a challenge!
But I liked your use of pistons and slimeblocks.

4. Evening in Nature by @Eric_TheFox
A nice easy parkour that is very forgiving, yet pleasing to look at.
The butterflies are very cute and it looks like you put a lot of thought into the big fox.
Enjoyed it very much

5. Flamingo Falls by @xXxNOMISxXx
What a fun and pink parkour! It is very obvious you would like to add flamingos into the game.
You made sure the player wouldn’t get lost and had a little fun along the way. Very good thinking!

Thank you all so much for submitting your builds, the winners have received a private message.
Looking forward to the next event!

Kind regards,
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