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Kingdoms 2024

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(artwork by @Annelies022)

Greetings Foxcraft community!

It’s time to announce the pending Kingdoms reset & release, discover details of various updates and tweaks that have been made to the game in the bullet summary. We’ll also be sharing the release date and time with you near the end of the post (scroll down).

Kingdoms is a gamemode where players are able to create their own kingdom & manage it, or join an existing kingdom and fill a role/job that kingdom leaders request (their rules). Kingdoms can invade the lands of other kingdoms for their loot or prime location. Kingdoms can be upgraded & expanded, roles, members & warps can be managed by easy to use menus. The current iteration of kingdoms features 2 worlds in which kingdoms can claim land. World Olympus: Claiming in this world is cheaper and farms will work optimally here, everything in the world can be invaded. World Elyisum is safe from invaders but claiming here is much more expensive. Farms are very slow (slower tick speeds). This non invading world is useful for players that prefer the creative building & roleplaying aspects of kingdoms.

First things first, I think it’s justified to say that the last release of kingdoms was fun while it lasted but it was clear that some changes needed to be made. I am extremely grateful for everyone that has shared feedback and opinions about the past (and future) kingdoms release.

Let’s get into the nitty gritty details here:
  • Updated to 1.20.4
  • New spawn
  • New pvp areas
  • It’s now possible to invade multiple claims at the same time
  • It’s now possible to get invaded in multiple claims at the time
  • Revamped transactions menu, it’s now called activity menu, more things are logged too
  • Revamped main kingdom menu & added new active minions display
  • Added more sound effects for various kingdom actions
  • Villagers in claims can now be traded with by all players
  • Added kingdom sparring, test invade your own kingdoms claims to practice and test defenses
  • More kingdom messages are synced with discord
  • Invaded claims (chunks) are now highlighted with particle effects
  • Updated skills
  • Updated enchants
  • Inactive kingdoms disband properly now (was bugged in last release)
  • Added ability to greet own kingdom members for a small mana reward
  • Updated most scoreboards
  • Modernized holograms at spawn
  • Buffed kingdom turrets
  • Balancing tweaks (economy, skills, enchants, pvp)

The kingdoms reset will go live on: Friday 8PM CEST, April 26th 2024
26-04-2024 @ 8PM CEST

Special thanks to: @MisterMel , @NoahvdAa, @unknown, @unfamousThomas, @Nowaha , @CrushedSpirits and @jaqobb for helping contribute towards these updates!
I'd also like to thank the @staff team for providing feedback, helping with testing & building pvp structures

Planned (near) future kingdoms updates:
- Invade summary (shows damage, kills, etc)
- Convert resources like iron, gold, diamonds to mana for the kingdom

I hope to see you online on the 26th for a fresh new kingdoms adventure!

Kind regards,
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Not wanna be that guy but what changed with last season? Just looks like the weekly updates you do on the other gamemodes…