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Event Halloween Build Competition & Staff Applications

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Hello, Foxcraft community!

After almost 2 years, Spooky season has set its sights on Foxcraft yet again. So without further ado let's skip straight to the details you've been waiting for. This year we are hosting another Halloween Building Competition as it was a big hit in 2020, thus you all will be competing against each other for improved prizes such as gift cards. Grab your resources, tools, buddies, or your introverted self, and start your journey throughout October! The event will end on the 7th of November with the winners announced. Find the register form below

What are gift cards and how much can I win?
Gift cards are redeemable codes that can be used in our web store! Players who vote daily earn vote points (/VP) that allow them to craft their own gift card. This method is quite time-consuming as voting can only be done once a day. So if you're willing to turn it up a notch you should totally partake in this event! Our prizes will be given to the top 5 ranking builders once the competition comes to an end. Depending on which place you end up with is the total amount you will get. (top 5)

The 1st place receives up to ($50 store giftcard); 2nd Place ($40 store giftcard); 3rd Place ($25 store giftcard); 4th Place ($20 store giftcard); 5th Place ($15 store giftcard).

Rules & Details
The event will be hosted on the creative server (/creative) so resources should be no problem. There is no limit to how big, small, or how many plots you will use. We're looking for unique and scary builds that are worth praising! Especially creativity is a key factor we will judge. Participating Staff members will naturally be disallowed to vote for a fair process. Once the competition starts we expect people to build to their heart's content and not use any unfair advantages such as printers or mods. Schematics however are allowed but be aware that these can be found online easily and might influence our decision.

Players that are unable to follow these simple rules will be restricted and blacklisted from joining any event ever again. If we catch you using any printer or anything related to it you will be banned on the spot. Finally, you can have up to a maximum of 3 players helping you with your plot. The reward will only be given to the plot owner, so a split reward can be requested.

I hope to see you all around and may the top-ranking builders show their true potential. Please fill in this format to register yourself and your team. Only the plot owner is allowed to submit the entry registration if you're building in a team.
Good luck!

Registration format:

Staff Applications
Yes, you've read it right. Together with the Halloween event, we are opening our Staff Applications again. You'll get approximately 3 weeks to submit your application in the correct department on the forums. In order to apply, you must be a registered member and have read through the requirements. We are looking for loyal, dedicated, and professional players willing to give a little more to the server. If you think you're qualified feel free to submit your application. Any applicant that does not meet the mandatory requirements but still applies will be disallowed to ever apply again. Do NOT ask members of the staff team to review your application, They will be checked every once in a while. Applications close on the 7th of November with new helpers announced on the 13th of November.

Apply here:
Application Closure: 7th of November

Thank you for reading!

Kind Regards,
Community Manager
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