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Forum updates!

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Hello Foxcrafters,

The Forums design was becoming quite old and outdated. So last night we worked hard on re-doing the entire website/forums, and we are still not done with adding in the new features. But we thought we should give you an update on what has been added so far, and what is to come in the near future.

Unfortunately a few minor things are now gone, these include the support tickets (has been replaced with just a support button), ratings (have been reset).

What is new?
  • Design
  • Chat
  • Better support navigation and submittion (In my opinion)
  • Discord intergration (you can sign up on the forums using your discord account)
  • Enhanced discord intergration (New threads are posted in a seperate channel on our discord server)
  • Thread starter banner (Shows easily who originally started a thread)
  • Threads automaticly close after 365 days
  • Updates section (Not fully done yet)
  • New reactions/ratings system
  • Server status and playercount
  • Support for two factor authentication (
  • Automated mailing of populair threads to inactive members (you can unsubscribe from the automated mailings too)
  • Re-organized forum categories and description, and removed a few unused forums
  • New minecraft related smilies
  • Faster page load times
What will be added/tweaked soon?
  • Some design edits (most likely)

Thanks for reading,

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