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Fixing cannons on Factions

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So recently @cloakfox changed Factions so that water and lava no longer protect blocks at all. This means that factions bases are easier to raid. However, this also made cannons basically unusable.
Now obviously, this needs to be fixed. The whole point of making it so that water/lava doesn't protect walls was to make bases easier to raid, and with cannons not working, well, it's basically impossible.
So, solution one would be to change water to protecting blocks again.
Another idea would be to make it so that water/lava protects blocks in unclaimed land. This means that you could leave your cannon unclaimed and it would work, however, your bases walls (which would have to be claimed) would work how they do now.
Another would be to make it so that when you place water, it protects blocks for a certain amount of time.
Or, add special water buckets that protect blocks, but, only so many can be placed per claim (like 10).

I'm trying to give as many solutions as possible because I don't know the specifics of the plugin, and what is harder/easier to code.
Regardless, hope one of these works.
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