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Hello everyone!

We are glad to introduce our resetted Faction server. This server supports 1.8 and higher!
If you find any bugs please report them here.

For more information about Factions, click here.

Notable changes:
  • A new spawn
  • Scoreboard, chat and tablist changes
  • Added KoTH
  • Added /insta (GenBuckets)
  • And many more!

Faction Top Winners:

  1. Desecrator - Avy_
  2. USSR - MosonPlayz
  3. Pandora - ExInfinity
  4. HellFire - _ItzMe17_
  5. Abuse - Wriggly
The winners have received a message on the forums, with their coupon code.

More updates are coming soon!

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Nice looks verry good
I saw 3 days ago /f top and hellfire was on nr 2 i understand that @17658 is mad about this its so unfair @_ItzMeNinja_ and @AbsurdAlfa and more players of hellfire have spend SOOO many time to get nr 2 its unfair they are now nr 4 your proof iBrady is verry bad there is no date on it and i think this is a bug and you can fix it.
i post nothing on forums but this is so unfair srry for this but this is how i see it.
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