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Change one word

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Since nobody posts in this thread anymore, I want to make a game. The premise of this game is that you can change one word to create something new, and the next person would change one word from the set you said, and continuing.... (you can change if the word is plural or singular, as long as it's the same word)
Please DO NOT use contractions (ex. I'm, You're, We're) because it turns the game into more of a conversation than of a fun changing and creating new words game, also if we could avoid just changing adjectives for example, pink cake -> orange cake, or big house -> small house, and etc. and in turn do something like pink cake -> Cake pop, or Big house -> Big dreams


Person 1: "Birthday Card"
Person 2: "Birthday Cake"
Person 3: "Chocolate Cake"
Person 4: "Raspberry Chocolate"

And you get the idea,
So to start it off....

Fox Craft
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