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Banned by doing nothing

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there is a player (13JAR02) he whas a nice player. he whas friendly helped other people out. and 1 day someone (DaanDeReus) said something that jar (that is 13JAR02) didnt like so he tpd to me to see his base (i was in his town) then he whas derping around. didnt do anything. then another player came and griefed DaanDeReus. 10 spawners where gone. Daan whas mad and said to staff that jar did it. then staff told to stop both. then jar goes to his own town and left it (Asgard is his town name) cuz he wanted to start all over. he did that. but other people made screenshots that he deleted it (he claimed other lands that whas unclaimed). so the people that made the screenshots sended in a report. and said that this whas a bug abuse. it wasnt (the only thing he did whas that he unclaimed his own base). so he is banned for nothing.

so staff can you unban him cuz this is not fine to see. that even the nice people get banned bij doing NOTHING
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