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Factions reset details! [Factions has reset]

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Edit: Factions has reset, if you find any bugs feel free to create a bug report!

It's time for a new season of Factions tomorrow and as promised here is the full list of changes.

Constructive feedback is always welcome!

  • Worldborder for overworld set to 10k (from 15k)
  • Disabled entity clearing
  • Added virtual playershops (/pshop &/pshop sell)
  • Added oldskool style auctions (chat based auctions from back in the day)...

Factions resetting on 17-08-2018!

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Factions hasn't received much love lately from me nor from the players. Nobody seems to like it as much as previous factions we have had on Foxcraft.
Thats why factions will reset this upcoming Friday on 17-08-2018 at 4PM CEST (NL), 10 AM EDT (US), 3PM (UK).

Most suggestions made for Factions have been implemented in the reset, atleast the ones I thought where okay.

:mc_46-0: Full reset details will be posted on thursday. (The changelog is already insanely big) :mc_46-0...

Kitpvp revamp!

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Hello Foxcrafters!

It's been a while since i've posted anything myself in the announcements except for the changelogs I post daily.

@Justinc2522 made a suggestion yesterday about revamping kitpvp and adding back the old map and kits. A day later and pretty much 100% has voted that they want to old map and kits back.

So i've started work on kitpvp this morning...

Featured changelog 04-07-2018

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  • Increased shop buy prices by 3 times
  • Nerfed vote rewards (you now receive 2 iron ingots and 2 tokens instead of 3 and 5)
  • Changed some messages
  • Made the token count in the scoreboard round up to prevent long boards that fill half the screen (screenshot below to show what I mean)
  • Added the option to trade money with /trade
  • Wild mobs no longer stack, only spawner mobs do

  • Added the option to...

The Foxcraft Update Announcement

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The past month I have been working really hard on the Foxcraft game-modes.
There are a lot of changes and new features.
We are also glad to announce our new game-mode Towny!

The update will be released on: May 26th - 2PM GMT (Has been released now!)

Foxcraft will be whitelisted until we release our update....​

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