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Featured changelog 04-07-2018

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  • Increased shop buy prices by 3 times
  • Nerfed vote rewards (you now receive 2 iron ingots and 2 tokens instead of 3 and 5)
  • Changed some messages
  • Made the token count in the scoreboard round up to prevent long boards that fill half the screen (screenshot below to show what I mean)
  • Added the option to trade money with /trade
  • Wild mobs no longer stack, only spawner mobs do

  • Added the option to...

The Foxcraft Update Announcement

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The past month I have been working really hard on the Foxcraft game-modes.
There are a lot of changes and new features.
We are also glad to announce our new game-mode Towny!

The update will be released on: May 26th - 2PM GMT (Has been released now!)

Foxcraft will be whitelisted until we release our update....​

I'm back!

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Hi everyone!

For the people that do not know me. My name is Brady and I used to be the Manager of Foxcraft.
After a break I returned to Foxcraft as the Manager again.

There is a lot of stuff planned so be ready!

If you have any questions feel free to message me!


Prison Reset and Revamp!

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Hello Foxcrafters,

We have completely overhauled our prison server and also reset it in the proces!

Notable changes:
  • New map
  • New pvp area
  • More rentable cells
  • Blackmarket (rent a small space and sell items there using chest shops)
  • More ranks (A-Z)
  • Survival world (you can only get acces by leveling up to the free rank)
  • Upgrade-able furnaces!
  • /sell (for donators)

Forum updates!

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Hello Foxcrafters,

The Forums design was becoming quite old and outdated. So last night we worked hard on re-doing the entire website/forums, and we are still not done with adding in the new features. But we thought we should give you an update on what has been added so far, and what is to come in the near future.

Unfortunately a few minor things are now gone, these include the support tickets (has been replaced with just a support button)...

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