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im falling down a dark hole in my life that i wont be able to get out of once i hit the bottom
like the greek mythology: Hole of tartarus, once you hit the bottom, go splat. you should visit a therapist if your this deep in the hole
~do you ever get a little bit tired of life, like your not really happy but you dont wanna die?~
Spoken like a true therapist, I do get tired of life sometimes
SAME BRO im over here w scars from shii that i cant say here :melting:
Today, exactly one year ago is the day I became helper on Foxcraft. I would like to thank everyone for the opportunities given on this server, the good times, the great community, the achieved goals and so much more. I look forward to continue this journey, setting up new goals and having more fun with the awesome community.

love the staff banning me and they cant even give me proof didnt know getting free duped loot is banneble? asking for proof = getting ignored showing proof i wasnt the one duping = "final awnser" aka i wont change my mind ur still gonna get banned cause i hate u basicly this is what has been happening to me everytime dark punishes me i KNOW he is just mad cause i made him punish himself ly tho x_darkM