Survival updated to 1.13!

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You can now finally enjoy 1.13 on our survival server!

Survival is the first gamemode that has been updated to 1.13 (the aquatic update) after extensive testing behind the scenes. It took longer then normal because this time around a lot of plugins where outdated or not working as expected plus the fact that 1.13 hasn't been very stable either.

You can easily explore the new biomes and structures with /wild, it now teleports you in a random location centered around you. Before the update it would teleport you around the spawn point.

  • Server software runs on native 1.13
  • Changed /wild mechanics
  • Updated /shop with more items (temporary removed vip shop)
Know bugs:
  • When playing on versions below 1.13 you will see a bunch of visual glitches
  • Chests render as enderchests when using 1.12.2 or below
  • Scoreboard is weird on 1.12.2 or below
We highly recommend you play survival on 1.13 to prevent bugs & other weird stuff!


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/wild seems to just take me around oldspawn? I tried using it like 400k blocks out an it took me to like 2500/10000. How many blocks does it take you centered around you?