Suggestion: Skyblock

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Description of suggestion
Redo all the crates and give them better stuff.
Possibly have a classic key in the vote crate
and in classic crate the next tier crate

Possible side effects of suggestion
More people voting
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Some Examples Are

Classic Key
Pig spawner
4 diamond blocks
4 Emerald blocks
Kit donator
5 enchant tokens

Insane key
Iron golem spawner
Kit vip
10 enchant tokens
Donator rank
8 diamond blocks
8 emerald blocks
Classic key x2

Crazy key
Insane key x2
15 enchant tokens
Vip rank
12 diamond blocks
12 emerald blocks
kit vip+

Crazy key x2
mystery key
vip+ rank
20 enchant tokens
16 diamond blocks
16 emerald blocks
kit crazy

Mystery key
Crazy keyx4
50 enchant tokens
4 bedrock
kit foxking
mysticfox rank

Theses are just some of the crate suggestions
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