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Prison Release Details (09-09-2022)

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Hello everyone!

I am finally ready to share with you the full details and release date of the long anticipated prison gamemode on Foxcraft. Prison will be running on version 1.19.2 (with 1.8 pvp) and pretty much everything has been updated to be up to par with more modern standards. The server is also decked out with many of our newer in-house features.

The prison (map) is divided into 4 sections. East Block, West block, North block and South block with the spawn being located right in the middle. Players are able to unlock fast travel (warps) to each block by traveling to them on foot (only required once). Traversing around the prison on foot can be risky as PVP (with keepInventory) is enabled in many parts of the prison. Several of the mines and farms scattered around prison require the player to cross large PVP enabled areas.

Each prison block has it's own set of cells that can be rented, in total 140 cells are available around the map. They are the cheapest option if you want to have your own place to store valuables. Prisoners are also able to save up some more in-game money to purchase their own plot.

The goal in prison is to rankup from rank A to Z and then finally to Boss rank. Players have full creative freedom in how they want to make the money to rankup, there are many viable ways to earn $$$ around prison. For the grinders out there, there are also 50 prestiges available.

Notable features:
  • Humongous new prison map build by @Orange_AB
  • Updated to 1.19.2
  • 200+ extra enchantments
  • Skills & abilities
  • 1300 Quests
  • Updated crate rewards
  • Gangs
  • Access to plots
  • Rentable cells
  • Many large PVP areas (with KeepInventory enabled)
  • Contraband drops in PVP areas (envoys)
  • Mini games like buttongames & archery challenges spread around the map
  • Nametags floating above players display more information & look better
  • Player warps
  • Player shops
  • Many new hologram leaderboards spread around the map
  • Added SlimeFun
  • Updated rank perks
  • Bounties
Release date and time:
Future inmates can join the grind on
Friday September 9th at 7PM CEST

Information regarding premium ranks.
It might be possible that your premium rank like: Inmate, Guard or Warden is missing in-game when you join the new prison gamemode. Do not panic! If you have previously purchased any of these through the store then you will be able to reactivate the rank again by simply visiting
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and selecting the rank you owned then proceed to checkout with free basket. Please note that it can take up to 15 minutes before your premium rank is activated again in-game. Feel free to submit a payment support ticket if you are experiencing issues with redeeming.

Personal note
I would like to apologize to anyone that has been disappointed with the long absence of the Prison gamemode on Foxcraft. I've recently been focusing more on coming up with and writing unique and fun games for Foxcraft. Instead of dedicating time on classic games like Prison, Skyblock, Survival. With that being said. I currently believe that prison has successfully been lifted up to today's standards and can be enjoyed for years to come whilst we continue to push a "lifeservice" with weekly/monthly updates. You can view those here:

With that out the way I'm very excited for the release of the Prison server. Old and new players will hopefully enjoy this one :)

Special thanks to @Orange_AB for building the map!
Special thanks to the very talented developers @MisterMel and @NoahvdAa for taking on everything I can throw at them.

Kind regards,

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