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observer limit is making it harder to lag proof and is adding lag to the server

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Lets start at the start. observers are great for compacting redstone and making systems work. but this is increasing lag because players are no longer able to lag proof there redstone with rails and observers.

lets start with the simple observer itself.
this is my background Mspt (this is the lag on my system in a ideal situation. so no mob spawning no random ticks and nothing running).

you can see the system and some optimization mods I'm running. mainly a rendering optimizer.

and now lets summon 20100 observers on a 4 gt clock. (a clock that is made out of two observers). as you can see it ads about about 7,6 mspt. that not great but remember that's 20800 observers. and some of this lag is from rendering the block changes.

now lets take a look at the comparison of rails with observers agains redstone dust with observers.

this setup includes a system to transfer the signal to the main bulk of the rails. this consists of 189 powerd rails.

the first picture is the total mspt. but because of the constant visual updates if included a screenshot of the block updates.(for example rails or redstone dust changing) we are going to use this number in later calculations.
2022-05-12_19.30.49.png 2022-05-12_19.33.52.png

well now lets look at the redstone dust version. (btw the chat number isn't the one that I'm focusing on because its much lower than its supposed to be)
2022-05-12_19.32.00.png 2022-05-12_19.34.26.png

now lets move on to the math.

with the redstone dust setup we got about 1.366 mspt from block updates. for rails this was about 0,740 mspt from block updates.

lets use the formula variable1 : variable x 100= percentage of variable 1 in variable 2.

variable1 =0,740 mspt
variable2 =1,366 mspt


with this very simple math I can show that observers have a benifit over dust and repeaters.

( If you think: aa he's still using observers. this is to make it more in favour for the redstonedust since observers are way les laggy than repeaters or comparitors.)

but because you asked.


so lets again use the formula variable1 : variable2 x 100= the procentage of variable1 in variable2

variable1 = 1,564
variable2 = 1,366

1,564:1366x100= 114,49%

as you can see using repeaters is way more laggy than observers.

data from Dereiziger
mod that helped me get the data: Carpet Mod. By Gnembon.


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