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Ad-viewing: Frequently asked questions

Discussion in 'Rules & Information' started by cloakfox, Nov 27, 2016.

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  1. cloakfox

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    Mar 7, 2016
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    Hello, in this thread you will be able to read all about our new ad viewing system.
    How can I grind more ads?
    You can aproximately watch 150 ads per day per minecraft account.
    You can watch an add every minute or so.
    You can use the /adpay command to send adpoints to your main account.

    Usefull commands:
    /views - Will output the total amount of views you have this week.
    /topviews - Will output the current top 10 ad viewers (Same as the website)
    /ad - Will generate an ad watching link for you.
    /adshop - Will open up our webstore GUI, but instead of spending money. You spend Adpoints.
    (1 view equals 1 adpoint)
    /adpay - Allows you to send AdPoints to other players/alts

    How will winners receive their rewards each monday?

    Winners will be contacted in a PM on the forums. If the user does not have a forums account, the user will be contacted ingame to ensure he/she get's his/her prize.
    Note: Currently weekly top ad winners events have been halted.

    Why does it say there is no ad available for me?
    Ads will mostly only work for these countries:

    United States (90% based here)
    Canada (Often ads available)
    United Kingdom (Often ads available)
    Australia (Often ads available)
    Netherlands (No ads available)
    New Zealand (Often ads available)
    Germany (No ads available)

    But sometimes the ads get to many views, and if there are not that many ads available for that country it may result in a "No ad available". When this happens I suggest you wait for around an hour, and then try again. If this happens multiple times a day, then there just might not be any ads available. Best thing to do then is try again in 2 or more weeks!

    Where can I view the current top 10?
    You can view them here:
    There is also a link under the "Stats" button
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