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A Basic How-To Guide to Factions

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Hello, Foxcraft community!
I've decided to compose a large forums post that deals with how exactly to play and master the Factions gamemode! Hope that all of you who are new to Factions or who are in general less experienced will find this helpful. So, let's begin.

The Objective
The objective of Factions is to have the highest f top value by the end of the season. Your f top value can be seen when typing '/f top <page number>' in chat. F top displays your Faction's total value. Things like your money and spawners count toward your f top. If you do not see your f top value on a certain page, it might be on others.
Your goal is to beat other Factions (by having the highest f top), and incorporated in with that is raiding your enemies, defending your base, PvPing, and more.

The Basics
Here are your basic commands:
/f create <faction name> - creates a Faction
/f invite <player> - invites a player to your faction
/f kick <player> - kicks a player from your faction
/f join <faction> - allows you to join a faction (you must be invited first)
/f show <faction> - shows info. related to a faction
/f claim - claims land for your faction (other factions/players not in your faction cannot place or mine blocks in your claimed land)
/f unclaim - unclaims land for your faction
/shop - opens the shop

Day one
A Factions server resets around every three months. This means that everything - your inventory, enderchest, playervaults, the map - everything is wiped and starts over. That having been said, the first day of a new Factions season is extremely important if you want to do well. Here are some important things you want to take part in on the first day of Factions:
  • Getting Blaze spawners - Blaze spawners are extremely valuable. They give you the most amount of XP when grinding them, but additionally, they also can make you tons of money from selling their blaze rods. To get blaze spawners you'll need to head to the nether. The best way to do this at the start of the map is to head to the wild (using the /wild command), get enough money to buy some obsidian and a flint and steel, and build a portal. Once in the nether, look for nether fortresses and try to find blaze in them. Nether fortresses will almost always have two blaze spawners in them (and never more than two). When you find a blaze spawner, either mine it using a Silk Touch pickaxe, or TNT it. Ideally you want around fifteen blaze spawners to make a decently efficient grinder.
  • Getting a Silk Touch Pickaxe - A Silk Touch Pickaxe is used to mine spawners. As I mentioned in the last point getting blaze spawners is crucial, but so is mining them. If you have a rank that allows you to mine spawners, you'll need a Silk Touch. Assuming you have a rank, use the XP bottles that come with your kits and set up an area to enchant. Silk Touch is usually a level twelve enchant. A method that I use is crafting a bunch of Wooden Pickaxes and enchanting them with level one enchants until I see the highest level enchant say "Silk Touch?..." as it does in 1.8.
  • Getting a corner - the Factions world does not extend on infinitely. In fact, as of right now on Foxcraft, the overworld extends out only 15,000 blocks. This means that the world is effectively like a big square. This means that there are four corners in the world. As you will learn, later on, building your base in one of the corners is very benificial, so getting to a corner quickly and claiming it will help you a lot. The fastest way to get to a corner is via the nether, since one block in the nether is equal to eight blocks in the overworld. You will only have to travel about 2,000 blocks in the nether to reach a corner in the overworld.
  • Starter base - A starter base is a must-do. This base is where you will put all of your blaze spawners to start grinding. Typically, build this base around 10,000 or so blocks out so that it will be very difficult for anyone to come by. It should be built underground, and not claimed by your faction. Here, put your blaze grinder (
    ), and maybe some chests for storage. Enchant Diamond Swords for Looting III, as it will give you more blaze rods per kill (more blaze rods equals more money) and Lucky II if there are custom enchants. The overall point of a starter base is to get you enough money to eventually be able to build your god base. However, you want to grind for IGS (Iron Golem Spawners), and in the next part, I'll explain why.
Iron Golem Spawners - the best spawner
For reference, I'll be referring to Iron Golem Spawners as IGS, so whenever you see that, remember what it means. IGS cost $2,000,000 in the shop but they are the best spawner in the game bar none. IGS spawn, well, Iron Golems, which when killed will drop Iron. Iron can be sold in the shop from large amounts of money.
On Day one, once you have your starter base set up and are grinding blaze, you want to save up your money to buy Iron Golems. Ideally you want one or two on the first day of the reset. For reference, myself and another Faction member had seventeen IGS within the first week of Factions one season. That is what you're aiming for.

Here is all you need to know about setting up an Iron Golem farm:
(there are many ways to build Iron Golem farms so you can mess around with this design).
Do note that Iron Golem farms require hoppers, which cannot be crafted. Rather, you must purchase them from the shop at a hefty price of $15,000/each (this is basically pocket change when you have a blaze grinder. Seriously I could hop on Factions right now and make this much money in 15 seconds).

God base
After you have a decent amount of IGS (maybe 6-7) it's time to start saving up money for the god base. Typically, you'll want a minimum of 1.5 - 2 million dollars for it. I will be breaking down in the next many parts the specifics and complications of building a god base.

Factions is not survival
Many people don't realize this. Factions is not survival. Do not go and build a mansion or a tree house or something pathetic. That's not what Factions is about at all. Factions is about blowing up other people's bases, so as you could figure out, building something like a mansion is just giving them fuel for the fire.

The idea
The idea behind a Factions base is a safe location for you and your stuff. As I mentioned earlier, when you claim land, people that are not in your faction cannot place or break blocks in your land. However, they can use creeper eggs and TNT to destroy your stuff. Cannons, which is are amalgamations of TNT and sand, can shoot TNT into your base and destroy what you have. That's why you need to defend.

The shell
The shell is the actual base. Usually this is built out of cobblestone or bedrock. It's basically a big rectangle in the sky. Make sure that the top of your base is at Y level 255. Just do. Also put water on the top so it covers the top, bottom, and sides of your base (to protect from TNT).

The defenses
After that, you'll want to put walls around your base. Walls are basically a buffer between your base and the enemy - it slows them down if they're trying to get in. Walls are usually made of either cobblestone or sand. They go from the top of your base to the bottom of it, every block, on all sides. Make sure that your walls are watered too.
You can take advantage of gen buckets, which will gen blocks for you instead of you having to place them. Use the command /iw buy <type[OBSIDIAN|SAND|COBBLESTONE]>. They do cost more, but save a ton of time and effort. Place the bucket where you want it to gen, and it will gen downwards until it reaches a solid block.



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In the end, this is kind of what your base should look like:

View attachment 5418
Notice how the base is a big obsidian rectangle with water on the top. It also is all the way up at a height of 255 blocks (and the water is at level 256, the max. building height). You can see that the walls will defend against people trying cannon, because in order to get into my base they have to go through them.

As I mentioned earlier, there is such a thing as a corner in the world, 15,000 blocks out. This base you see is on a corner, meaning that on 2 sides of the world you can't go any further. This means that I only have to protect two sides of my base instead of the normal four.

It would take me waaaay too long to explain how cannons work. They're complicated beyond explanation. So I would recommend going onto YouTube and looking up something along the lines of "Factions 20 stacker tutorial" and seeing how they work. A 20 stacker is probably the most complicated of the cannons you'll use anyway.
Canons are used to get into other factions bases, like the base in the picture you see above. They work by shooting TNT inside of sand, so that the TNT will blow up blocks despite there being water. That's the basic idea, from there, it gets complicated. For example, reverse cannons (actually reverse cannons aren't complicated at all, but they're more complicated).

The Grind
Anyways, I'm not going to go into extreme detail, but that's the just of it. Once you have your god base up (and claimed, obviously), you want to move all of your spawners into the base and keep grinding. Have an account AFK (or just sit near) the IGS so that they will continue to spawn. Doing this overnight and during the day will reap the most profit from selling the iron.
Buy more IGS, or blaze, keeping some money for yourself. 200+ Iron Golems are where you'll start to be making a very good amount of money, like $50,000,000 a day.
You can form allyships with other factions (using the command /f ally <faction>) and enemies (/f enemy <faction). PvP is a big part of Factions, so I recommend making the best gear you can, and taking advantage of the custom enchants. You can see a full list of the custom enchants by typing /en list. You can see what each individual enchant does by typing /en info <enchant name>. To get these enchants, just enchant any gear with a level 30 enchant, and you have a chance to get some enchants. Yes, they do combine in an anvil. So, if you have two level one custom enchants, they will combine to a level two via an anvil. There is also a maximum of five custom enchants per piece of gear.

Anyways, there you go, a complete list of things you should do on Factions. Don't worry if not everything on this list is as clear as day- this is no perfect mold to Factions. There is a lot of wiggle room, in other words. So you can do whatever you want, but these should help you. Anyways, have fun, and play some Factions .


Damn dude looks like you really put alot of afford into this. Maybe ill actually try to play factions using this guide.
Damn dude looks like you really put alot of afford into this. Maybe ill actually try to play factions using this guide.
It's all in the factions players handbook. It's still in me even though I stopped playing factions, since there isn't really much good faction servers whom are not p2w.