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  1. Hijacking

    [POLL] What does the future of KitPVP withhold?

    Hello Foxes, after endless thinking to innovate KitPVP to the best it can possibly be. We have came up with the following solution. Make it more skill based, rather than get a kit, get someone low and someone else swiping your kill then dying due to the regeneration loss, we think it may be...
  2. Hijacking

    Who is Hijacking?

    Hello foxes, after being around for a few weeks on Foxcraft, I thought I'd introduce myself. My name is Danny, otherwise known as Hijacking. I develop software for large servers, with not only the consumer in mind, but the players too! I work with both the owner, and players to make the...
  3. Hijacking

    Wag1 Final test

    Woahhhhhhhhh this is a thread.
  4. Hijacking

    Test 2

  5. Hijacking


    Wag1 this is a test