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  1. cloakfox


    Survival: Disabled player warps Disabled /wild Moved entire gamemode to a new server with better specs
  2. cloakfox


    Kitpvp: Improved stability Added new bounties system Added /filter Updated a bunch of stuff Added back title colors Disabled player collisions Survival: Survival is now stable (and a lot less laggy) Updated & fixed /wild Updated our player shops plugin, shift & left click a chest to create...
  3. cloakfox

    Goodbye 1.13.2 and Hello 1.14.... (Empire Thread) + Massive Screenshot... (Epic) (Shocking)

    Survival is live on 1.14.3 now Check out latest changelog :)
  4. cloakfox


    Network: Fixed issues with joining the server Survival: Updated to 1.14.3 Foxkings & Foxqueens can now use /headdb for extra decorations Donators & up can now change the display item shown in the player warp gui with /wwarp item Updated silk spawner plugin again (Old spawners located in...
  5. cloakfox

    Keep getting kicked for nothing.

    Try now.
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    Creative: Fixed worldedit
  7. cloakfox

    Kingdoms Release Details 02-03-2019!

    We do not support the Bedrock versions of Minecraft (Android, iPhone, xbox)
  8. cloakfox

    Kingdoms Release Details 02-03-2019!

    You can play on our server with the Java edition of Minecraft. If you have this version you can go to the multiplayer tab and join with the IP: Hope to see you online!
  9. cloakfox


    Im back :) Skyblock: You no longer get untagged from combat if your enemy has been killed Survival: Fixed issues with claims in spawn and other protected areas Patched more unknown exploits Fixed warp sign unique visits counter resetting each restart General plugin updates Made preperations...
  10. cloakfox

    City of Londinople's Progression Video

    Ksmudger is a legend
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    no u

    no u
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    Im lookong into it

    Im lookong into it
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  14. cloakfox

    Deal. Next weekend.

    Deal. Next weekend.
  15. cloakfox

    Server bugs not being fixed

    Uhmn im busy till the 12th of july. You are very impatient tbh. Keep track of latest changes here: As you can see I do quite a lot. Currently im busy finishing my college stuff. So calm down boi and stop being so toxic, it isn't helping lol...
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    Explorer Boi

    I can't remember that, but sorry :(
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    Explorer Boi

    Welcome back
  18. cloakfox

    Welcome back

    Welcome back
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    Survival: Fixed teams Fixed a few player warp sign issues Creative: Fixed a few player warp sign issues Prison: Updated player warps plugin to our latest version