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  1. DramaLlama138

    Thanks :D

    Thanks :D
  2. DramaLlama138

    I made a house, and I kinda like it ngl

    Yneme. Ur a tad late to the party. the plot was deleted a couple days after I made the post. but, you can still visit one of my other plots! to answer your questions, I am building similar things to the one on the post. My building time varies from a couple hours to a couple days, depending on...
  3. DramaLlama138


    DramaLlama138 Drama_Llama245#3786 Creative I'm the perfect winner cuz I am a rat, and ill prob get a friend a rank
  4. DramaLlama138

    I made a house, and I kinda like it ngl

    i started at around 10:00 AM and ended around 5:30 PM, and I rather like it. It may have taken me 7 and a half hours, but it was worth it. No tutorials used, just my own imagination (The picture files wont load, so if u wanna see it, say /plot visit DramaLlama138)
  5. DramaLlama138

    Event submission: FoxWolf Pizzeria

    User name: DramaLlama138 Name of your build? FoxWolf Pizzeria Screenshots What player warp can visitors use to check out the build? /pwarp go DramaLlama138 What is your minecraft username? DramaLlama138 Rules Yes