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  1. cloakfox


    Because we followed it and still got blocked.
  2. cloakfox


    What clarification do you need? Im sure you can google most stuff.
  3. cloakfox


    Kingdoms: You can now purchase minions on the store (Miner, Farmer, Lumberjack and Collector minions Fixed mcmmo swords glitch Blocked more commands in enemy and neutral kingdom claims Made more performance improvements
  4. cloakfox


    Kingdoms: Added a fun parkour in the warzone with a daily resource points reward Improved donator & up perks
  5. cloakfox

    Suggestion: Kingdoms

  6. cloakfox


    Skyblock: Condensewands can now condense items inside a double chest Kingdoms: Fixed mcmmo fishing exploits Greatly optimised kingdoms so it can handle more players Donators & up can now work more then 3 jobs (check store to see exactly how many your rank can work at the same time) Fixed /top...
  7. cloakfox

    Closed Suggestion: Kingdom

    Check your dm's.
  8. cloakfox


    Skyblock: Added cooldown on /back Disabled /marry tp in spawn Kingdoms: Added Twitch rank (same as skyfox) Improved our anti-xray system Disabled cobble monsters You can now share twitch streams & channels in chat without getting flagged for advertising /k invade will now cost 20 rp /k claim...
  9. cloakfox


    Kingdoms: You will now undisguise when going into combat You can now use /k chat in combat Added treefeller & auto sapling replant to save the forest! Added creeper explosion terrain healing (I might enable tnt terrain healing later on)
  10. cloakfox


    Kingdoms: Improved anti-cheat Fixed fishing rod issue in spawn Fixed a few mcmmo bugs regarding kelp Fixed /k fly Fixed crate rewards (spawners)
  11. cloakfox

    Suggestion: sky-block

    The killstreak will have no meaning if you can just log off and it saves.
  12. cloakfox

    Suggestion: sky-block

    It's quite logical that if you leave the game your killstreak resets, thats how killstreaks work in every other game.
  13. cloakfox

    Suggestion: sky-block

    Thats not how killstreaks work.
  14. cloakfox


    Kingdoms: Fixed voting @Boomclaw Fixed kingdoms not loading your kingdom @Boomclaw Fixed silkspawners Discord: Added new bot type: !help to check it out (made by @oKonak)
  15. cloakfox

    Got put out of Kingdom, without the King did.

    We are working on a fix.
  16. cloakfox


    Kingdoms: Added enter & leave messages when walking in and out of a kingdom Fixed some some more enchant merging issues Added more 1.13 items you can get xp from for mcmmo
  17. cloakfox

    New website!

    Hey everyone! Some of you have already noticed it but... I am proud to announce our brand new forums design that @NikolovDZN has worked on for quite a while and boy has it payed of. More parts of our website like the store, stats & leaderboards will get updated soon. Staff page...
  18. cloakfox

    Suggestion: Survival

    They are. It's a display bug.
  19. cloakfox

    Suggestion: Survival

    Those are bugged, it will update when the user joins. Probably wont ever happen though,
  20. cloakfox

    Suggestion: Survival

    They are.