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  1. Jacobda

    One Block Adventure & other stuff we are working on!

    Am I on the wrong forums? A new gamemode on fox that isnt pay2win?? how.
  2. Jacobda

    Suggestion: Prison

    +1 I play prison 24/7 and this is something that is lacking.
  3. Jacobda

    Kingdoms event!!!!!

    I'm claiming that bounty.
  4. Jacobda

    Open Improvements Global Duels

    Gamemode Duels Description of suggestion Improve global duels. Map The current map sucks and is way to small to really pvp. The map doesn’t have to be pretty it could literally be a flat grass surface pasted in with world edit but something where you have enough space to PvP. Pixelart...
  5. Jacobda

    Pending kitpvp update & reset

    Cloak, please just open the server at Friday for all players to join. First and foremost no one really has foxgod rank on kitpvp. I’ve been playing it for ages and maybe only seen 2 people with that rank. Since this gamemodes was down for ages with continuous false release dates, I think it’s...
  6. Jacobda

    Event Staff Event

    idk if there will be a community that'll show up
  7. Jacobda

    Skyblock reset + rebrand

    Where is kitpvp, You said last week?
  8. Jacobda

    new Kingdoms ( please read )

  9. Jacobda

    Elyseeh complaint (Discord)

  10. Jacobda

    Elyseeh complaint (Discord)

    dm me on discord for that Mubeen_142#8334
  11. Jacobda

    Elyseeh complaint (Discord)

    The burden of prove does not lie on me. She banned me for advertisement she should show the prove. and why would she delete the other posts which had nothing to do with advertisement. you're just another friend of Elyseehs trying to help her out.
  12. Jacobda

    Elyseeh complaint (Discord)

    I was playing Minecraft today on fox and received a message from a random player stating whether i wanted to have sex or not. I played along to see what he was up to so I could warn the community about this sucker. So i shared the images in the Fox Discord in the Meme channel because i couldnt...