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  1. Hqtdog


    So how's everyone's day
  2. Hqtdog

    Event submission: Marine Paradise (Donator Island)

    User name: Hotdoggo What is the name or theme of your build? Marine Paradise (Donator Island) Screenshots: How can we check out your build ingame on the creative gamemode? You can do /wwarp Eternaldarkness, or check out those screenshots! Extra Information: The meteor and moons do...
  3. Hqtdog

    Event submission: Distorted Island

    User name: Hotdoggo & Eternaldarkness What is the name or theme of your build? Distorted Island Screenshots 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) How can we check out your build ingame on the creative gamemode? You can do /wwarp Hotdoggo or check out the YT video (its an older model...
  4. Hqtdog


    Hey guys, we're here with one last "Hotdog Games" giveaway! "The Hotdog Games" Every so often, I host a bunch of games with as many people as I could find to win prizes, including in-game items as well as ranks or rank upgrades. Read below to find out the prizes, rules, and how to enter. For...
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  6. Hqtdog

    Skyblock, New PvP Map?

    Before I start, I know we don't NEED a new map right now, but it'll be nice to have a /warp pvp that is flat and contains less obstacles so players can PvP. Maybe even a /duel map. This is why Barry (ThiccIdot) and I decided to make a new map for it, and hoping we can get a good vote (All we...
  7. Hqtdog

    I named this one Justinc2522

    Named it after you @Justinc2522
  8. Hqtdog


    Yo I'm bored what's up
  9. Hqtdog

    Hi I'm New

    Hi guys I'm new to Foxcraft
  10. Hqtdog

    OG's will remember

    You know that floating disk thing in the sky at Kitpvp? I finally figured out what it was :D
  11. Hqtdog

    Suggestion: All

    Gamemode All Description of suggestion Add a command that could message someone from any gamemode, such as sending a message from Kitpvp to Skyblock Possible side effects of suggestion Not much, just really helpful. Usually if I have a killstreak I don't want to end it but I also...
  12. Hqtdog


    Max resigned So I'm resigning from my position as a member
  13. Hqtdog


    Please remove kit naturalist. IT IS ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE to kill because they run on grass for just 5 seconds and they're full on health. Even if you gang bang them they still recover just like that. PLEASE REMOVE. ILY @Justinc2522. ALSO /KIT FOOD ACESSES OLD KITS. #GETNATURALISTREMOVED
  14. Hqtdog

    Suggestion: KitPvP

    Gamemode KitPvP Description of suggestion Add old spawn, add mystery crates from two maps ago (50$), add back somewhat strength when you had Thor kit, fix back item frames in shop (so we know which is what), nerf naturalist because they never die in grass, and now that all kits are free...
  15. Hqtdog

    All New GEAR WARS!

    It seems like a myth, but almost two years ago we hosted the very first Gear Wars! That day was August 7th, 2016, and we're recreating this year as well! First off i'd like to announce that Staff Manager, Justinc2522 and Admin, oMaxy will be planning this event along side me. ( @Justinc2522...
  16. Hqtdog

    R.I.P xxxTentacion

    Your song "Sad" was the **** R.I.P
  17. Hqtdog

    Sloth or Melon?

    Another poll for another important question.
  18. Hqtdog

    Closed Suggestion: KitPvP

    Gamemode KitPvP Description of suggestion It would be great if you could add another villager into KitPvP in which takes items such as gold and iron in return of items such as exp bottles, money, or even weaponary. Gold and Iron are recieved from voting and stack up over time and it would...
  19. Hqtdog

    Hotdogs or Nuggets?

    Decide on whether or not Hot dogs > Nuggets or Nuggets > Hot dogs. Your choice matters. @Tazziish
  20. Hqtdog

    The Question No One Has An Answer To

    If two people kill each other with their right hand, whose left? :confused::confused: yes I took something