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  1. RedTheFox999

    Umbrella Game

    The rules are simple. You have to guess the rule of guessing and try to comply with it (do not state the rule or you lose). If you fail at complying with the rule, someone else has to go after you (I don't count) before you can go again. I'll start: I'm going hiking, and I'm going to bring uh...
  2. RedTheFox999

    Favorite Dessert?

  3. RedTheFox999


  4. RedTheFox999

    Word Suggestion Game

    I took inspiration from @Willturner5.2's status and made this game. What you do it access the website on a phone, type "I have crippling" and press the middle predictive typing button. Post what you got. I got "I have crippling anxiety". Wat
  5. RedTheFox999

    Closed Post-Skyblock Skyblock MCMMO Cap

    Your in-game name: RedTheFox999 *Is your suggestion for the server and/or forum: Server *For which gamemode is this suggestion: Skyblock (Glacier) *Description of suggestion: Make the MCMMO cap at 2000 (with the exception of axes), the default cap for the MCMMO plugin. Possible side effects of...
  6. RedTheFox999

    Island World Files

    I'm willing to download the islands of the first twenty or less people to ask before this Friday. I can also download and PM you the islands of other people, for a small fee, say, 1-10k, depending on the island, in new Skyblock money. Good luck! I will send a Media Fire download to you in...
  7. RedTheFox999

    Closed MCMMO Potions in Skyblock

    *Your in-game name: RedTheFox999 *Is your suggestion for the server and/or forum: Server *For wich gamemode is this suggestion: Skyblock (Glacier) *Description of suggestion: Enable healing potions, health boost potions, and potions of decay to be brewed, because people pay to be able to brew...
  8. RedTheFox999

    Wtf is This?

    I was messaging Hobo the title of a video, and SprinkledDonut muted me for one hour for it. Then I was using the party chat and he bans me for mute evasion? Aren't you supposed to get banned for mute evasion if you go on an alt? Like wtf?
  9. RedTheFox999

    Looks Like Leon Forgot Something xD

    I'm dead xD @cloakfox
  10. RedTheFox999

    I Made Dis

    I made dis
  11. RedTheFox999

    1.11 is Coming....

    So! I wanted to know everyone's favorite 1.11 feature shown on this list, if you know about any of them. If you don't, I'll explain it here. Shulker Box: These are practically backpacks. They are made with 2 Shulker shells, which Shulkers now drop, and a chest. They can be dyed with any dye...
  12. RedTheFox999

    Word-Per-Person Story

    The point of this is to use a particular word or subject to create a story, and there's one word per person. No 18+ content, please. To start it off, Ima say: John Cena
  13. RedTheFox999

    Closed Elytra Suggestion

    *Your in-game name: RedTheFox999 *Is your suggestion for the server and/or forum: My suggestion is for the Survival server. *Description of suggestion: I think a command should be added where, whenever you kill the ender dragon, it drops an elytra. This would make it more fair and fun for other...
  14. RedTheFox999

    Favorite Addition to Minecraft in 1.10

    I'd like to know what you think is/are the best addition(s) to Minecraft in version 1.10. My personal favorites are the magma block, husks strays, because of mob variety, the bone block, red nether brick, skeleton horses, and the ability to get end crystals and re-summon the Ender Dragon. What...
  15. RedTheFox999

    C2Obezerk :O

    @C2Obezerk // Zerky, what are you doing in my survival world? This is supposed to be single player. You better not steal my diamonds! >:O
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  17. RedTheFox999

    Skyblock Easter Egg!

    Look at this Easter egg I found. XD
  18. RedTheFox999

    What's Everyone's Favorite Feature in 1.9?

    I'd like to know what everyone's favorite feature is in 1.9. I personally like the Elytra and/or mending enchantment. I'd like to hear your opinions on this. XD I bet some people are gonna say the PvP and that's gonna make some people salty. Lmao
  19. RedTheFox999


    Jk I'm not leaving. Sorry if I made anyone mad. XD