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  1. cloakfox


    Kitpvp: Updated anti-cheat Added proper 1.15 support
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    Svulcan: Made some performance improvements 1.15: Started testing ;)
  4. cloakfox


    Survival: Enabled auto saving Updated to latest server software (not 1.15 yet) Changed Power to Level in chat hover info
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    Global: Added 1.15 support Fixed /staff
  6. cloakfox

    You have reached the max amount of farmer minions placed.

    Nope it will not increase. Ill increase the max amount soon.
  7. cloakfox


    Global: Sorted tablist based on ranks Possible fixed some servers hanging when restarting Forums: Fixed members not receiving alerts when staff or someone else replies to their filled out forms
  8. cloakfox

    Why are you running

    Why are you running
  9. cloakfox


    Global: Fixed chests appearing as enderchests on versions 1.12.2 and below (after next auto restart)
  10. cloakfox

    If you are wondering why im not responding or updates are slow. I've been really busy with...

    If you are wondering why im not responding or updates are slow. I've been really busy with another project. I will get active again in a few days!
  11. cloakfox

    Animal Spawner Pack
  12. cloakfox

    Minions - lets start the evolution

    A minion that automaticly sells chest contents is really really OP. Luckily for you it's possible to obtain sell wands that basicly do the same but you just click on a chest with the sell wand to sell all contents instantly.
  13. cloakfox


    Survival: Marriage doesn't require a priest anymore Creative: Marriage doesn't require a priest anymore
  14. cloakfox


    Survival: Updated server software Added back /jobs Removed redstone clock limiter Svulcan: Updated skyblock plugin to latest (fixed a bunch of random/small bugs) Prison: Fixed /redeem permissions
  15. cloakfox

    Redstone plug in be gone.

    This week
  16. cloakfox

    Redstone plug in be gone.

    Will update survival soon, and fix some of this stuff
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  19. cloakfox

    Suggestion: Kingdoms (Armor Balancing)

    Hello, recently I lowered the durability of all custom armors by half. Im wondering how everything plays out now.
  20. cloakfox

    Closed Suggestion: Survival

    Server lag is mainly caused by chunk loading. Seeing as this is quite a controversial suggestion, im going to deny it. /closed