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    Suggestion: Server

    -1 No guarantee new players will join and is a chance OG players will quit after losing everything.
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    Suggestion: All gamemodes

    Changing the colours of text can 100% change a dyslexic person's ability to read. A dyslexic person can have trouble reading text depending on it's colour/background. It's extremely common for someone with dyslexia to be able to read better when text is a different colour, or displayed on a...
  4. Clazzo

    Help Buying & Merging Plots

    Look in the direction of the plot you want to merge and do /plot merge. If that doesn't work, press F3 and then check the direction you're facing (north, east, south or west). From there do /plot merge (direction of your plot). That should work.
  5. Clazzo

    Guardians Stacking, Lava Flowing, and Elytras coming back?

    I agree with the new spawn and lava flow
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    Suggestion: KitPvP

    I don't think you understand how long it takes to make a large kitpvp map as a solo builder +1 anyways
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    maybe if he bakes 2 cakes this time

    maybe if he bakes 2 cakes this time
  8. Clazzo

    Open Suggestion: Survival

    He means with elytras
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    Suggestion: Skyblock, Vulcan and Glacier or any servers which contains minions.

    Use /trade if you're scared of your minion getting scammed. If not, then just don't have it in your inventory. There are ender chests and player vaults for a reason. If you keep your minion in your inventory when you accept a tp then it's you own fault if you lose it. I have literally never been...
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    Suggestion: Forums

    +1 If the original poster of the suggestion stays anonymous, the opinions would not be biased towards that player and people will actually give their opinions on the suggestion. This could also reduce overall trolling.
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    My Shop’s Dead

    Lol he stole from you because you divorced them in game? hahaha
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    Suggestion: who like my build?

    Gage, this is not a server suggestion. /closed
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    u are

    u are
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    are u swedish gage?

    are u swedish gage?