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by cloakfox at 7:48 PM
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Hey everyone!

Just a quick notice to let everybody know the skyblock resets has been done succesfull (no hiccups).

You may have noticed Foxkings/Foxqueens can no longer change the spawner types. This is because it's to OP of an feature instead foxkings/foxqueens will be able to stack more spawners on top of each other. (15 max).

Where do I buy my spawners now? You can buy your spawners from both the normal shop and the vip shop. More spawner types will be added tomorrow! (Prices me be tweaked over time)

Edit: I have also went ahead and resend all of the mcmmo and tokens that have been purchased in the month january and february!

Thanks for reading,

by cloakfox at 4:43 PM
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Hello Foxcrafters!

Due to several inactive staff resigning or being demoted, we are looking for more staff members. Helpers to be more specific!

Please make sure you can atleast dedicate around 1/2 hours a day on moderating Foxcraft. Both on forums and ingame.

What does a helper do?
A helper basically helps around the server by muting spammers and advertisers. They also tempban hackers (1h) and report these hackers to the moderators (with proof) to get the reported user perm banned.

Helpers will be coupled to a moderator, like a tutor. Helpers can ask any questions or concerns to the moderator they are coupled with. Or of course an admin if you don't feel like asking your tutor.

You can apply in this section of the forums:

Make sure you follow the Helper application format. If you don't, your application will be denied.
Best is to...
by cloakfox at 3:08 PM
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Hey everyone!

After weeks of carefully planning and working on this project it's time to actually announce it!
Skyblock is resetting after 3 years of running without a single reset.

Reset is Friday the 17th at 7 PM CET (NL) / 1 PM EST (US) / 6 PM (UK)

So whats new?
  • Stack-able mob spawners
  • Bigger islands (150x150) (Old: 100x100)
  • Bigger shops
  • Better shop prices for specefic items (balanced)
  • New custom island
  • Island sizes can be upgraded
  • Bigger/better pvp arena
  • New skyblock hub
  • New skyblock spawns
  • Balanced mcmmo
  • Mcmmo level caps
  • New chat features
  • Fixed all old bugs (that couldn't be fixed without a reset)

Skyblock hub:
Skyblock Spawns:
Builds have been made by a professional build team (
They will most likely keep making awesome builds for Foxcraft!...
by cloakfox at 4:06 PM
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Hey guys!

We recently added Gift Cards to our webstore! They are great for surprising your friends!
And maybe who knows you could gift one to a valentine (or two if you have multiple ;))

You can purchase them here:
Gift Cards are sent to your email, so make sure you fill in the correct email when checking out.

Gift Cards can be reused as much as you'd like untill the balance reaches 0 $.
The more valuable Cards have a discount <3