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by cloakfox at 3:35 PM
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Hello everyone!

AdShop and Ad watching
We have made several improvements to our /adshop system.
You can now send adpoints to other players or alts with the /adpay command!

The amount of ads you can watch per account is set at 500-ish this can differ from time to time. But it's per account. So if you are able to setup multiple alts you can grind way more adpoints, and send them to your main account using the /adpay command.

The coupon rewards have still been disabled we are working behind the scenes on automating this.

Factions Cove resetting?
I have been planning for a while but I am letting everyone know now that I am resetting factions cove, I do not have a set date for this reset but expect one to be released this month in the announcements!

Some features planned for the new Factions cove
  • New spawn (by our build team)
  • New factions hub (by our build team)
  • Custom terrain generation (Screenshots below)
  • MobSpawner stacking...
by cloakfox at 7:47 PM
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Hello everyone!

Quick announcement to let everybody know that the helper apps have closed and we have carefully selected 7 new helpers to moderate chat and catch hackers!


I would like to wish them goodluck ;)

For everybody that got denied this round, please do not take it to personal. When there are so many good apps it's really hard to pick good helpers. When picking we take into account your previous actions on this server (bans, mutes, warns). But also how you talk to other players ingame for example.

Anyway @Mechz and I have replied to every single app that got denied with an appriopriate response on what was lacking.

Big thanks to @Mechz and the rest of the admins/mods for helping me decide.

Thanks for reading,

by cloakfox at 7:48 PM
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Hey everyone!

Just a quick notice to let everybody know the skyblock resets has been done succesfull (no hiccups).

You may have noticed Foxkings/Foxqueens can no longer change the spawner types. This is because it's to OP of an feature instead foxkings/foxqueens will be able to stack more spawners on top of each other. (15 max).

Where do I buy my spawners now? You can buy your spawners from both the normal shop and the vip shop. More spawner types will be added tomorrow! (Prices me be tweaked over time)

Edit: I have also went ahead and resend all of the mcmmo and tokens that have been purchased in the month january and february!

Thanks for reading,

by cloakfox at 4:43 PM
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Hello Foxcrafters!

Due to several inactive staff resigning or being demoted, we are looking for more staff members. Helpers to be more specific!

Please make sure you can atleast dedicate around 1/2 hours a day on moderating Foxcraft. Both on forums and ingame.

What does a helper do?
A helper basically helps around the server by muting spammers and advertisers. They also tempban hackers (1h) and report these hackers to the moderators (with proof) to get the reported user perm banned.

Helpers will be coupled to a moderator, like a tutor. Helpers can ask any questions or concerns to the moderator they are coupled with. Or of course an admin if you don't feel like asking your tutor.

You can apply in this section of the forums:

Make sure you follow the Helper application format. If you don't, your application will be denied.
Best is to...