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by cloakfox at 7:11 PM
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Hey Foxcrafters!

Unfortunately I was forced to reset the Kingdoms server today due to an out of control dupe that had already ruined the gameplay of the server. This reset also fixes the economy that was already broken due to the /glow glitch on launch. Using a backup was no option because the dupe has been going on for a while now without me noticing it.

Anyway. Everything should be perfect now.

So I've heard quite some players talking about a factions reset and when that happens it definitely is time for one also considering how dead the factions servers are atm. I am planning to reset and unify factions this weekend. Meaning 1 factions server, instead of 2.

I've also managed to fix cannons on factions, so that will be nice for the new season. /tntfill will also be a thing in the new factions for sure too!

More info about the new factions gamemode/reset will come once I am confident enough that I can get it done before the weekend.

Sorry for this...
by cloakfox at 5:05 PM
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Hey Foxcrafters,

I am writing this to let you all know @11kobeer has taken over the CM job for @Mechz . She is currently having some in real life issues and was unable to furfill the job as a cm. Therefor she will be temporarely stepping down as a cm. Mechz is still on our team as an admin though!

11kobeer being one of the oldest players on the network and also oldest staff members (not in age). We thought it would be great to let him take over.

More updates coming soon.

Thanks for reading this small notice,

- Cloakfox
by cloakfox at 10:39 PM
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It's time! Prepare yourselves for something entirely new/unique! Our kingdoms gamemode is ready!
You better begin planning on a strategy and start recruiting members for your own kingdom!

  • RPG
  • Market (On demand, meaning only items are sold that others /f sell to it) (example when nobody sells items to the shop you will not be able to buy anything from the /f market)
  • Earn money by selling items/blocks /f sell, killing mobs, doing professions and completing bounties
  • Bounties (/bounties)
  • Professions (Jobs)
  • Sparring (1v1)
  • Level up professions and antributes!
  • Worldborder 20k (overworld)
  • Leaderboards
  • Version 1.12 (allows 1.8-1.12)
  • 3 new donator ranks! (Knight/Dame, Duke/Duchess, King/Queen)
  • New donator perks/ranks on our webstore (
  • I probably forgot a bunch of features but you will find out when you are playing (make sure to run /help to get your...
by cloakfox at 7:19 PM
(959 Views / 1 Likes)
Hello Foxcrafters!

I am super excited to announce that a new gamemode will be released on our network soon. The gamemode is called Kingdoms.