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by cloakfox at 6:11 PM
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Hello Foxcrafters!

I am here to announce that I have promoted the following staff:

@AlainM From Moderator to Admin, congrats you are a valuable team member!
@Pricus From Helper to Moderator, don't let the haters take the best out of you, good oll handpick.
@DontLie From Helper to Moderator, by for the most active hacker reporter out there! (Don't flame on me if you are not xD)

Just a note for everybody else that has been eagerly hoping for helper apps to come out.. They are coming soon!

Now onto the bad news I guess?

I decided to demote 1 helper from her duty as she became too inactive. (I Pm'd her on the forums to let her know, and thank her for the time she has put in Foxcraft)

Thanks for reading and make sure to congratulate the new Helpers/Mods/Admins!

- Cloakfox
by Affixes at 1:21 PM
(851 Views / 3 Likes)
Hi all,

As promised, the Survival server has undergone a major update today. We've changed up a lot of previous features, and applied the same style our servers have been updated to in the past month. To go into further detail, please check the (small) changelog below:
  • Updated ranks with new features (See here)
  • Updated chat & messages layout
  • Fully reset all statistics and playerdata
  • Removed custom world generation
  • Added a new spawn
  • Removed diamond mountains
  • Removed WorldBorder
  • Removed spawners
  • Added an ActionBar and scoreboard (Toggle with /actionbar toggle and /fb toggle)
  • Added chest protection via LWC (/lock and /unlock)
  • Added /trade
  • Added Tokens
  • Added Cratekeys
  • Added /menu with kits, warps and more
  • Added Jobs (/jobs help for more info)
  • Added GriefPrevention for land claims. Each claim costs 20$ (Money can only be generated...
by Affixes at 4:56 AM
(1,809 Views / 0 Likes)
First and foremost:
Those who post rude/immature content (This includes threads, images, posts and comments) regarding this reset on the Forums, will be dealt with by me personally. The team here puts their valuable time, effort and work (it's 4:30AM while writing this) into providing you with an enjoyable experience, free of charge. We are a community server and listen to your requests. However, there is no need for the amount of bashing and defaming that's been quite a trend recently. In the end, you'll only get yourself in trouble. So, TL;DR: Have decency and respect, please.

Now onto the news...
So yes, KitPvP did undergo a reset today. We've pimped things up with some new features (listed below), a new spawn, and the same layout we've been implementing into other servers over the past month. As always, we hope that this have improved your experience on our server. Here's a short recap of what changed:
  • Completely redid Donator Ranks (See...
by Affixes at 10:39 PM
(2,771 Views / 4 Likes)
Hey all,

As most of you are probably aware by now, our Skyblock server has been updated with some new changes today. Our global rebrand is slowly affecting all Foxcraft servers, and we certainly hope you guys are liking this new look.

Below, I've provided a basic list of changes that affect gameplay on the server. Please read them carefully, and leave your feedback down below, if you were to have any.
  • New rank perks, see details here
  • Brand new crates, check /crates in-game for more details
  • New voting rewards, check /vote in-game for more details
  • Added new kits
  • Redid most in-game messaging
  • Added an actionbar
  • Added an anti-loot stealer
  • Changed to a new, better auctioning system (/ah)
  • Implemented a new chat layout
  • Added a new scoreboard
  • Added jobs (/jobs help)
  • Added a Lottery
  • Added McMMO
  • Purged islands that were 2 months or older
  • Tons more!...