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by cloakfox at 4:18 PM
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Hey Foxcrafters!

We will slowly become eula compliant this means that the more OP perks and commands might be altered, or removed. This will not apply for ranks already purchased. If you where planning on getting a rank, now is the time to get it. As they will get editted for new donors in the upcomming weeks.

As some of you might have heard, mojang is going after servers that do not comply. That basicly means nearly every server except for the really big ones like hypixel. (who already comply)

Accepting the eula means you do not sell anything pay2win, or anything that makes you better ingame over a non paying users.

Before everybody panics, ranks already purchased etc will NOT be taken away. You can keep those. But I want to slowly make Foxcraft compliant in order to not end up on a blocked list.

What happens when Foxcraft ends up on that blocked servers list?
You simply won't be able to join with the "" domain...
by cloakfox at 6:11 PM
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Hey Foxcrafters!

I have opened up the helper apps now before you go on and proceed to making your app please read these guidelines/requirements:

You must be 13 years or older in order to apply. (We could make exeptions if you are 12)
If you do apply but you are 10 for example, we will instantly deny the app.

You must follow the Helper applications/Staff application format, wich can be found in the Applications section
Not following the format will result in your app being denied instantly.

Admins/Mods are allowed to vouch for a player/app, vouching means you support this certain candidate, and truly believe he/she could be a good helper.
Admins and Moderators are only allowed to vouch for 1 user.

If your application was denied please wait atleast 1 month (30 days) before applying again.
If your application has been denied please don't take it personal, we could deny it for a number of reasons, wich will be explained to you in your app in the...
by cloakfox at 6:11 PM
(1,839 Views / 6 Likes)
Hello Foxcrafters!

I am here to announce that I have promoted the following staff:

@AlainM From Moderator to Admin, congrats you are a valuable team member!
@Pricus From Helper to Moderator, don't let the haters take the best out of you, good oll handpick.
@DontLie From Helper to Moderator, by for the most active hacker reporter out there! (Don't flame on me if you are not xD)

Just a note for everybody else that has been eagerly hoping for helper apps to come out.. They are coming soon!

Now onto the bad news I guess?

I decided to demote 1 helper from her duty as she became too inactive. (I Pm'd her on the forums to let her know, and thank her for the time she has put in Foxcraft)

Thanks for reading and make sure to congratulate the new Helpers/Mods/Admins!

- Cloakfox
by Affixes at 1:21 PM
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Hi all,

As promised, the Survival server has undergone a major update today. We've changed up a lot of previous features, and applied the same style our servers have been updated to in the past month. To go into further detail, please check the (small) changelog below:
  • Updated ranks with new features (See here)
  • Updated chat & messages layout
  • Fully reset all statistics and playerdata
  • Removed custom world generation
  • Added a new spawn
  • Removed diamond mountains
  • Removed WorldBorder
  • Removed spawners
  • Added an ActionBar and scoreboard (Toggle with /actionbar toggle and /fb toggle)
  • Added chest protection via LWC (/lock and /unlock)
  • Added /trade
  • Added Tokens
  • Added Cratekeys
  • Added /menu with kits, warps and more
  • Added Jobs (/jobs help for more info)
  • Added GriefPrevention for land claims. Each claim costs 20$ (Money can only be generated...