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by iBrady at 10:27 PM
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I would like to announce a major update!

We are glad to introduce our new Hub. We have also added a whole new Friends system (due to this new system you have to add all of your friends again:() We will also be slowly adding 1.7 support on all of our servers. You can currently use 1.7 on the Survival, Creative, Kingdoms gamemodes and ofcourse the new hubs!

Me and @cloakfox would like to thank @Avatarking_, @Snaz_, @Ronster_ and @Tqzz for building this new Hub!

More updates are coming soon!

Get an impression of our new Hub by checking out the screenshots below.

[​IMG] [​IMG]

by iBrady at 9:51 PM
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Hello everyone!

I would like to introduce the new store.
There is a new store design which should make it a lot easy to navigate.

You can visit the store at

by iBrady at 4:24 PM
(574 Views / 18 Likes)
Hello everyone!

First of all, I would like to introduce myself.

My name is Brady, I am 19 years old and I live in The Netherlands.
You can find me Ingame under the name 'iBrady'. In my spare time I like to listen to music, hang out with friends and working on IT related work.

Today I'm here to announce that I will be the new Manager of Foxcraft. Meaning that I will be working with Bug Reports, Server Suggestions, Hosting Events, Ingame Improvements and many more!

Any changes can be found at the Changelogs section.

Thank you for reading!

by 11kobeer at 2:35 AM
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Hey, Everyone!

I am excited to announce the new Helpers. Out of 82 applications made, 9 have been accepted:


I would like to thank everyone who made an application for taking the time to do so. It was hard to pick people this round, thus why it took a week.

Not everyone will agree with this list. However, please respect these new Helpers and show them your support.

For those who were not accepted, I hope this does not change your view on Foxcraft. Some common reasons people were denied was that a player was not too active on the server and/or forum, did not have an application that met usual standards, and/or needed time to mature. If you feel you may fit into any of categories, I would recommend you correct any of these...